Wide Plank Flooring means solid wood flooring that is sold in planks. These planks are notably more extensive than the regular 2 1/2- to 4-inch wide boards that make up the vast majority of the wood flooring market. Don’t get confused. Wide plank flooring is usually available in most regular flooring types, most of which you’re quite familiar with. They have become trends and styles associated with artistic outlooks. They include:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: A finished flooring material that often resembles stone, terrazzo, concrete, wood, stone, terrazzo, and concrete, and hundreds of diverse patterns.
  • Engineered Wood Flooring: A relatively thin layer of hardwood bonded over a premium-quality plywood layer that gives the flooring excellent stability.
  • Laminate: A multi-layer synthetic flooring product that is merged with a lamination process.
  • Tile: A piece of hard-wearing material like ceramic, baked clay, stone, or even glass, which is generally used for walls, floors, roofs, or other objects like tabletops.
  • Solid Hardwood Floors: One that is usually made of a hardwood species, such as maple, walnut, or oak.

Each of the above hosts several numbers of styles and trends. Interestingly, the least familiar material probably used for larger plank widths is the laminate flooring, and that is because of its composition. Somehow, just about any type of flooring materials manufactured in the world today is most likely to be found in a broader size.

There is now a growing wave of interest that overwhelmingly is around the wide plank floor, as it has brought about several emerging trends and styles. Wide plank floor has evoked a feeling of craftsmanship, quality and sturdiness, craftsmanship, as manufacturers now select boards by hand. They rigorously inspect it and turn it into a work of art.

Each of our hardwood planks, in their respected types, is now artfully made and crafted with some artisan’s admiration for the trees from which boards are shaped. Whether manufacturers are milling reclaimed timber into rustic wide plank floors or putting a custom-blended finish on one the typical traditional hardwood planks, there is now meticulous care put into the craft. The result has grown to be the fact that wide plank hardwood flooring can now stand behind – wood that recaptures the American pioneer spirit, thus birthing art and comfort.

Interestingly, some broad plank types have carved some unique places for themselves. The look of vintage wide plank flooring, for instance, doesn’t lend itself to the style of every home. Its grand aesthetic appearance, particularly in darker tones and highly textured (or mellowed) surfaces, is now well-suited to fit rustic décor or traditionally styled homes. At the same time, smooth and hard wide plank flooring in brighter shades and look is slowly working its way into contemporary styled and more modern homes.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring is a new trend that is, of course, gaining popularity among homeowners. There are now literally thousands of styles of flooring on the market today. Consequently, consumers are now continually looking for styles that will break out of the ordinary, regular, or frequent forms that are found in many homes. If you are going out for something unique, that reveals character and the potency to firmly establish a good connection with a host of decorating styles. Then definitely, wide plank wood floors are undoubtedly an ideal option for you and several other homeowners.

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