Hey there! So, for you not to ponder much on what laminate flooring is, it simply a multi-layer synthetic flooring product that is merged with a lamination process. In the United States, it is also called the ‘floating wood tile.’

Laminate flooring came into view on the residential flooring scene, tens of years ago. It emerged being quite attractive. Over the years, it has advanced with better seaming mechanisms, deeper embossing, shaper high-definition imaging, and a host of other innovative advancements.

Here are the reasons why you’d find laminate flooring great!

  1. IT IS STYLISH: With the help of technology, laminate flooring has aided manufacturers to make beautiful designs that can replicate wood and natural stone. And so the latest styles look very much like the real stuff! Designers are now using high-definition printing embossing procedures to copy the styles, patterns, ridges, and designs found in hand-scraped hardwood and polished bricks, as well as giving several beautiful and satisfying illusions to it. Great, isn’t it?

  2. IT IS AFFORDABLE: Everyone loves it when they can afford what they want. Laminate ranges in price from a dollar to eleven dollars per square foot. Depending on what one wants, you can get your best as it offers high-end features without having to go through the pain of sticker shock. The best bet, however, is to stick with the mid-range products, and as long as you can do your research, you’ll get the best for an affordable price!

  3. IT IS DURABLE: Well, if you got pets or have kids, laminate flooring is an excellent option as it’ll solve your problems. Guess what? It does hold its own against any assault that may come from liquids, and so it stands up to muddy pawprints like a superhero! That means you don’t have to follow your playing kids or toddler with a mop-stick. However, it’s better to clean up spills before they dry, you don’t want excessive liquids on your floor.

  4. IT IS VERSATILE, COMFORTABLE AND ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Laminate does make bedrooms and living spaces feel attractive and welcoming. It can be installed in most rooms and places in your home. Yes, practically anywhere! Also, unlike concrete and tile, it does hold heat and gives space as you walk. You are guaranteed you won’t walk away with an aching back or with a sore foot, whether you’re standing at the sink or whether you’re sitting cross-legged on the floor. Also, laminate won’t make you sneeze. It does not clasp and hold dirt and dust like carpet. More interestingly, it is also resistant to mold and bacteria.

  1. IT IS EASY TO INSTALL AND MAINTAIN: Laminate flooring is a great option for you if you enjoy doing your projects yourself. It takes little time and effort to install, all in a matter of hours! You can float laminate on top of your existing floor, except for carpet, of course, as long as your subfloor is in beautiful and good shape. You can also choose to glue the laminate directly to your subfloor. Unlike wood, you don’t need to buff or wax as laminate requires little maintenance. All you need to maintain it are a dust-broom or a vacuum! Easy, right?

All these easily make laminate so great, try it today!

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