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WD Flooring serves a worldwide market with their selection of gorgeous, handpicked hardwoods in unique styles.

The company owns hundreds of acres of forest and manages it responsibly to produce a product while using 100% of raw materials and no waste product. FCR certefied through the Rainforest Alliance, WD Flooring boasts environmental sustainability and a beautiful selection of flooring. Their collections boast 650 products which are job site or pre-finished. WD’s collections emulate particular spots from around the globe, and use this to the benefit of their renown designs. A comprehensive summary of the offered products is below.

Stang Lund / High Plains

Stang Lund – Capturing the Scandinavian Spirit

Stang-Lund™ is a collection of character grade wide planked hardwood produced from North American species. All wood used in this collection if harvested from sustainably managed forests. The floor is hard wax oiled and brushed to achieve a unique design aesthetic; resulting in an old world look that also appears contemporary. From dark tinted to light, the hardwood in this collection will work well with virtually any room. Stang-Lund aims to capture the mysticism of the Norwegian mountains and the beauty of Nordic interiors, and mixes well in a variety of settings: from rustic to very modern.

High Plains – Capturing the Prairie Spirit

This collection brings to light the undiscovered beauty of the United States prairies. The High Plains is one of the world’s undiscovered and often overlooked places. This collection combines the rustic simplicity of prairie life with soft, subdued colour palates and gorgeous ample textures which will create a sense of softness and simplicity coupled with modern edge in your home.

Otter Creek- Capturing the Pioneer Spirit

The Otter Creek collection focuses on the pioneer past of North America, and combines rustic, antique aesthetic with modern woodworking technique. To mix history with modernity, consider the rough textures and bold patterns of Otter Creek hardwoods.

Tsiu River- Capturing the Alaskan Spirit

The rough Alaskan country is home to some of the world’s most interesting colour ranges and patterns; combining natural earthen colours with a myriad of greys and blues. This collection strives to provide the sense of the Alaskan outback with it’s steely, gray green, metallic salmon sheen and earthy grey variations, combined with artistic textures and rough finishes. For a collection of hardwoods full of unbelievable originality, Tsiu River is an artistic statement.

Otter Creek / Tsiu River

Empire- A New York State of Mind

Empire- A New York State of Mind

Within this collection you will find a unique, hip and urban feel that serves to emulate New York New York. Ranging from modern bleached planks to wide, full and elegant combinations, the Empire collection features a unique combination of patterns, widths and wood arrangement that is sure to please those looking for something new and real.

Classic Unfinished- Raw and Gorgeous

Featuring ash, beech, cherry, maple, red and yellow birch, red and white oak, hickory, and walnut, this collection of unfinished raw woods are beautiful in nature. For an unblemished, countryside look, consider a classical touch.

Classic Unfinished- Raw and Gorgeous

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