100% Waterproof Floors Can Be Beautiful (Vinyl)

Waterproof Vinyl Tiles

While many people associate vinyl flooring with dated kitchens and bathrooms from the 1980s and perceive it to be a “cheap” flooring material, today’s vinyl is incredibly beautiful, versatile, and luxurious, while still remaining extremely affordable.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, vinyl tiles are 100% waterproof, which makes them an incredibly practical option for a variety of rooms in your home or commercial space. At Chestnut Flooring in Toronto, we offer a wide range of vinyl flooring which suits every design aesthetic, from classic to contemporary.


One of the greatest advantages of vinyl flooring is its practical nature.

Our vinyl click plank flooring is 100% waterproof, which means that you do not need to worry about spills or leaks. This makes it an ideal option for high traffic areas, or homes with small children or pets. In addition, vinyl is the recommended flooring choice for areas that are frequently exposed to moisture such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, as it has an antimicrobial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria. As a result, you can rest assured that your floors will remain clean and safe for your family.


Although vinyl flooring has been around for decades, today’s vinyl floors are nothing like the vinyl of the past. In addition to their water resistant nature, they are now comprised of multiple layers, which enhances their durability. In most cases, vinyl flooring consists of a wear layer, a protective clear layer, a print layer, a cushion layer, and the physical vinyl backing layer. As a result, it is extremely resilient and comfortable underfoot. While many other flooring options have certain limitations and are not suitable for all rooms, vinyl can be installed in any space and on any level and is available in large sheets, which means few seams are required.

Since many people prefer the look of hardwood flooring in Toronto, vinyl is now available in a number of finishes, including those which mimic natural hardwood.

At Chestnut Flooring, we carry vinyl in a range of wood finishes such as cherry, pine, oak, driftwood, barnwood, bamboo, beech, hickory, and maple. In addition, we offer vinyl which resembles natural stones such as crema slate, river bed slate, volcano stone, and Sonoran slate. Thus, regardless of your décor style, there is a vinyl that will beautifully complement your home. Our design experts will walk you through our showroom and help you select the best vinyl flooring for your space.
As a result of its numerous benefits and design choices, it is not surprising that vinyl flooring in Toronto is quickly taking over the flooring market. While it remains one of the most affordable flooring options, unlike the vinyl of the past, today’s vinyl is incredibly beautiful, durable, and 100% waterproof. To learn more about this trendy flooring option we welcome you to visit our showroom or schedule an in-home consultation with one of our design experts at Chestnut Flooring.


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