Vinyl Planks vs. Vinyl Tiles: What are the Differences?

Vinyl is one of the most popular options consumers choose when laying flooring. It’s affordable, easy to care for, and looks great too. If you are planning to purchase vinyl flooring, you’ll need to decide whether to go with vinyl planks or vinyl tile. You may think they are the same, but there are a number of differences between the two. 

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks are wildly popular. The trendy look of the planks are designed to look like hardwood flooring, typically in rectangular plank shapes, but without the expense and high-maintenance hardwood entail. The planks fit together in interlocking strips for ease in instillation.

The expansive choices in vinyl planks is another appealing feature. They can be found in a myriad of styles to match most any home décor. From hickory to oak looks and everything in between, you have to examine really close to tell the planks from real hardwood planks.

You’ll find a wide variety of finishes too, like formal, polished looks to the popular rustic and farmhouse versions.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are square cuts that fit together to achieve the look of stone and slate floors. They are much less expensive, however. They are also a cinch to care for and are extremely durable, if something heavy falls on them, they won’t crack or chip like slate and stone.

There are multitudes of options available in vinyl tiles. They are available in most any solid color you can imagine and also come in a huge variety of abstract patterns. Whether you are going for a modern, bold and striking look, a minimalistic touch, or something in between, you are sure to find a vinyl tile that’s the perfect fit for your décor.


Both vinyl planks and vinyl tiles are extremely easy to care for, budget-friendly, and quite stylish. Both types of flooring are waterproof, a huge advantage over hardwood. They are durable, scratch resistant, and are super simple to install.

Which is Best?

Both vinyl planks and vinyl tiles have their advantages. The one you choose is largely dependent on the look and feel you want to achieve. If you want the warm or luxurious appearance of wooden flooring, vinyl planks are a good option. In the event you want to add an attractive pattern to the room or to highlight the area with a solid color, vinyl tiles will be your best choice.

There are other considerations when it comes to deciding between vinyl planks and vinyl tiling too. If other areas of your home have wooden flooring, you may want to continue to look with vinyl planking. If you already have stone or slate, you may want to go with vinyl tile. Areas that are irregular in shape or very narrow or small sometimes look best with planking while tiles may jazz up a large, boring room.

The bottom line is that both vinyl tiles and vinyl planks are an ideal choice for flooring options. The one that is best is a matter of personal preference. One thing is for sure, the possibilities are endless, so you are sure to find one that absolutely floors you.

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