Vinyl Flooring Vaughan: Why is it The Best Choice for Your Bathroom and Basement?

As you are planning renovations around the home, you should consider the use of Vaughan vinyl flooring as the best option for your bathrooms and basement.

Vinyl offers multiple advantages over other flooring materials that make it exceptional for rooms that experience moisture and high traffic.

Made for Bathrooms & Basements

At its core, vinyl flooring is made for bathrooms and basements.

Unlike laminate flooring or other materials, it is composed of 100% plastic, which means it has superior resistance to moisture and spills. You can submerge vinyl in water for a prolonged period of time and expect it to have little detrimental effect. Forget the past, Vaughan vinyl flooring is now available in a variety of styles and colours to match your bathroom and basement aesthetics. Vinyl planks are long, narrow and resemble real hardwood while vinyl tiles can mimic ceramic and stone – essentially, they can add a lot to a small space. Additionally, this flooring is extremely DIY-friendly with their “click” technology that allows adjoining boards to simply snap together almost seamlessly, further boosting its waterproof properties.

When choosing the type of flooring for your various rooms of the house, the context of each room is important for consideration.

While laminate flooring is appropriate for many rooms in the home, vinyl flooring is the best for bathrooms and basements. It matches laminate flooring in price, appearance and installation. However, as mentioned earlier, Vaughan vinyl flooring decidedly beats all other flooring materials when the true deciding factor is moisture. In bathrooms, it is inevitable that there will be water, moisture and humidity. In basements, water tends to seep from the ground and flooding is a common occurrence in some homes. Since vinyl outperforms other flooring materials in wet places, it is definitely a crowd-favourite for bathrooms and basements. While vinyl planks and tiles are great choices, the use of vinyl sheets can further ensure that you get 100% waterproof flooring. Even with standing water, vinyl sheets are impervious because it contains zero seams.

100% Waterproof Flooring


With respect to cost, vinyl flooring proves to be a fantastic option.

It is an extremely cost-effective and inexpensive flooring material. For example, thin vinyl tiles in basic patterns and designs will typically be priced at $0.50 per piece while a more luxurious vinyl plank with premium styles can cost up to $3.00 per piece. Overall, when you are shopping for flooring to complete your new home renovations, we recommend the installation of vinyl in your bathrooms and basement for multiple reasons. If you would like to see the assorted styles and designs we offer in vinyl, please come by Chestnut Flooring. We will certainly have vinyl sheets, tiles or planks that are available to match the dream aesthetics you wish for your home.

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