Vinyl Flooring Vaughan, How Is It Manufactured?

A look in today’s homes show that vinyl is an extremely popular choice amongst homeowners for flooring purposes in virtually every room.

But one may wonder how this wonderful choice for flooring is manufactured to provide style, damage-resistance, and waterproof properties. We invite you to read on and learn how Vaughan vinyl flooring is made. With a better understanding, perhaps you will also be persuaded to decorate your home with one of society’s favourite flooring material. The production for sheet vinyl in Vaughan uses highly sophisticated techniques, complex methods and precise systems to provide you and your home with beautiful, high-quality and high-performing floors. Recent advances in its manufacturing process can offer even more beautiful, durable and stylish choices.

Unlimited Designs

The rotogravure printing process produces vinyl flooring of unlimited designs

The rotogravure process is a printing technique that is commonly used for making vinyl floors. It has the capability to produce vinyl with unlimited possibilities in pattern, colour, texture and design. The rotogravure process uses a print cylinder that spins while the vinyl’s core layer passes underneath for printing of various ink dyes that create a pattern. Once the dyes are set, a clear protective wear layer is applied to the surface of the flooring.

The performance of the vinyl product is highly-dependent on the protective wear layer, making it a critical component.

The thickness of the wear layer is the true determinant and it can vary between vinyl collection or series. It is measured in mils, which is about the same thickness as a page in the telephone book. So, a 10-mil wear layer is comparable to approximately 10 pages from the telephone book. The general rule of thumb is that more expensive and higher-quality of vinyl will have thicker protective wear layers that boost durability and damage-resistance. Having a strong protective wear layer will also help you maintain long-lasting aesthetics of new and attractive vinyl flooring. Additionally, this layer plays a role in other performance characteristics that are key to vinyl such as: easy maintenance, stain resistance, scratch resistance and waterproof.

Long-Lasting Aesthetics

Practical & Beautiful Flooring

The easy maintenance necessary to maintain the aesthetic of vinyl flooring is simple but important.

When flooring begins to look worn and drab, it is often caused by the thousands of fine scratches in the protective wear layer. These scratch lines capture dirt, grit and sand that further lead to damages. Fortunately, Vaughan vinyl flooring protective wear layers are incredibly strong and durable, so they can resist showing any wear and stains. This is partly why vinyl flooring has risen in popularity as one of the top choices for homeowners who want practical, beautiful flooring options. If you are seeking a flooring option that offers many benefits including a wide-selection of designs, natural beauty and easy maintenance with cost-effectiveness in mind, then Vaughan vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for you. Drop by Chestnut Flooring to see our huge selection and begin shopping for your home renovations!

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