Vinyl Flooring Vaughan: 5 Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Clean

After the time, effort and money that you have put in, your home renovations are finally complete with beautiful Vaughan vinyl flooring.

To maintain the flawless appearance of your vinyl, here are five tips that can help: 1. To help the extend the beauty and durability of your Vaughan vinyl flooring, you will need to keep your floors clean. Don’t worry; modern vinyl makes that really easy! Do make sure to regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dirt, debris or grit before it gets grounded in. You will want to be especially mindful of building up grit and dirt as it can act like sandpaper and remove the finish from your vinyl floor, despite the protective layers. Furthermore, tracking in chemicals from asphalt can lead to discolouration of the floors. In addition to regular cleaning, the use of a doormat will also help keep out unwanted particles.

Low-Impact Techniques

When cleaning, learn to use low-impact techniques to prevent damages to your Vaughan vinyl floors.

Although it can be very tempting to blast away the dirt, chemicals and grit with heavy-duty cleaners, we recommend cleaning with the mildest possible method to preserve its beauty and aesthetics. Try to sweep or vacuum the floors everyday and to wipe up spills promptly to avoid the need for heavy-duty cleaning. If sweeping or vacuuming is insufficient, you can use a damp cloth with warm water, soap or a cleanser. Be careful not to drench your vinyl floors as excess water can get into the seams and destroy the glue bond. If you are choosing to use soap, make sure to rinse well and remove all the soap because a film left behind can collect dirt. If you are using a cleanser, be certain to check that it is the right cleanser for no-wax vinyl floors and rinse thoroughly.

Preserve the sheen of vinyl without the need for waxing.

Vinyl flooring has a clear, protective polyurethane coating that gives it shine and gleam, there it does not need wax to maintain a clean and new appearance. If you do attempt to wax your floors, you will find that wax does not adhere well to the polyurethane coating and leaves behind a mess that must be strip away. If your flooring does lose its shine, simply restore it with a polish or sealant made for this purpose. Fit your furniture and large appliances with protective feet. The heavy weight of furniture and appliances can dent the vinyl. The best method to prevent such damages is to fit the legs of these with floor protectors, which can be found in hardware stores or home-improvement centres.

No Need for Waxing

Make a Plywood Path

Make a plywood path when moving furniture and appliances around the home.

Before you make any big moves in the house, make sure to large furniture and appliances with a constructed plywood path to prevent scratches, dents and scuffs on your beautiful floors. This will help you preserve the tiptop condition of your Vaughan vinyl flooring. If you have any other questions regarding the care and maintenance of your vinyl floors, please do not hesitate to contact Chestnut Flooring for more information. We are happy to help provide tips and instructions on how to keep your vinyl beautiful and long-lasting.

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