Vinyl flooring Toronto there’s no shortage of benefits

Vinyl flooring is a very durable material that wears well and over a prolonged period of time

Toronto vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials, especially in recent years, as it has undergone a rapid rise to fame because industry designers and homebuilders have increased their interest in its use. Nowadays, a majority of new homes and condominiums have vinyl flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, with beautiful results. To understand how Toronto vinyl flooring is making a comeback as a favourite flooring material, we should discuss the benefits and advantages of vinyl and how it can help make your next home renovation look spectacular.


Many manufacturers of vinyl offer warranties of fifteen years or more because of its durability and reliability.

Another great advantage to using Toronto vinyl flooring is that compared to many other wooden options, vinyl is the most comfortable to walk on due to cushioned, padded materials. This increased insulation also helps make vinyl flooring substantially quieter than other common wood or tile options.
Selecting vinyl flooring as your ‘hardwood’ material also opens up all the convenient looks available on the market. It comes in a wide-array of colours, patterns, sizes and styles that allow for creativity and fun with mixing-and-matching – there are even faux-wood designs that are available from top manufacturers. Therefore, with so many options to choose from, many homeowners find that vinyl flooring is convenient and easy to fit with their already-existing home décor.
A popular choice among customers for vinyl flooring is vinyl planking. These have pre-attached fiberboards or wood tiles on the base of the vinyl to help the pieces fit together in a tongue and groove system that is similar to laminate flooring. This technique has allowed for fantastic flooring results regardless of the shape or size of your home space.

Another common vinyl flooring option is SPC vinyl

It stands for stone-plastic composite and combines the natural powers of stone and fiber to create a hardwood flooring structure that is more durable, stable and environmentally-friendly. Considered as a luxurious flooring option, SPC vinyl offers many benefits with its superior features. SPC vinyl is anti-skid because its surface has a wear-resistant layer that increases its durability. It is also waterproof and moisture-resistant.
Regardless of the type of vinyl flooring that you choose, the final result is beautiful flooring with minimal effort and maintenance. All the vinyl needs for a good shine and appearance is some simple sweeping. Gone are the days of bland and sad-looking vinyl.
Finally, hardwood flooring can be expensive, but Toronto vinyl flooring is one of the most-cost-effective options available right now on the market. If you are looking to renovate your home with hardwood for a brand, new appearance, come speak with our reputable and well-stocked specialists at Chestnut Flooring. We are a Toronto flooring company that is dedicated to working with you and creating absolutely breath-taking homes.


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