Vinyl Flooring May Be Your Best Choice For A Modern Look in Toronto

Toronto vinyl flooring types

If you’re a little overwhelmed with today’s multitude of flooring choices, you’re not alone. Choosing a material that is both contemporary and practical for your, particular space may be challenging. Often, the look and feel a person wants may be inappropriate for the room or extremely expensive. Hardwood and porcelain tile aesthetics are always on trend but always top of budget as they are considered to be high-end products. Do you know why vinyl flooring in Toronto has become such a popular choice? Learn why you can have the look and price you want for any space with this versatile and beautiful material. There are three primary categories for vinyl. Each is uniquely beneficial, depending on your needs.

LVT- Luxury Vinyl Tile

This tile shaped product looks and feels like real ceramic

It is available in individual, customizable pieces, with or without grout and in virtually any pattern or style you could want. Vinyl has come a long way from the plastic-look squares we recall that were developed for extreme budget projects of years past. Today’s LVT gives the appearance of a luxurious product but is extremely easy to install and very durable. Bothe LVT and LVP are more scratch and scuff resistant than sheet vinyl,and they’re ideal for high traffic areas and homes with pets.

Available in largesheets, this is the most budget-friendly and flexible of the three Toronto Vinyl flooring types

Sheets have fewer seams and can cover a large area flawlessly, mimicking anything from tile to stone to wood. Rip and gouge resistant, this product holds up under heavy furniture, high foot traffic and wear. Although low cost and waterproof, installation technique matters as seams will allow water through. This material must be replaced in large sheets rather than just one plank or tile at a time so that element may be inconvenient.

Sheet Vinyl

LVP- Luxury Vinyl Plank

What do you need?

As a popular and inexpensive alternative to hardwood, LVPwill vary in textures and looks just like real wood planks. Customizable lengths and widths of planks make it a practical and affordable way to get a wood-look in virtually any room you wish. This realistic hardwood effect looks beautiful in kitchens, bedrooms,andliving rooms but also allows the customer to get this same effect in bathrooms and damp basements- previously off-limits. LVP is available in 100% waterproof options. When considering your home or office and the needs of that space, rest assured that vinyl flooring offers a way for you to get the style you want while meeting practical needs. The most beautiful and economical choice today will only become more realistic, longwearing and versatile as technology advances. Many people are completely impressed when they visit a Toronto flooring showroom and find out that vinyl offers so much more than they thought.

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