Vinyl flooring: LVT and LVP are Toronto’s best kept design secrets

If you are planning for a home renovation, have you considered using Toronto vinyl flooring?

Many interior designers, home builders and homeowners prefer the use of vinyl flooring over traditional hardwood, stone or ceramic tiles for the many benefits that it offers. In addition to vinyl flooring, there is a category of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP), which are Toronto’s best kept secret when it comes to beautiful home design.


While traditional vinyl flooring offers many benefits such as durability, easy maintenance, and scratch and water resistance – all within a low-cost range – LVT and LVP have the same advantages and more.

We will discuss the features and benefits of LVT and LVP that separate it from the mix of other Toronto vinyl flooring goods. Like all vinyl flooring, LVT and LVP are easy to maintain and clean. It simply requires damp mopping to keep its perfect appearance. In addition, LVT and LVP are also water-resistance and fairly impervious to wet spills, as long as it is installed properly over a flat, dry subflooring. LVT and LVP are also very resistant to scratch, stain, dent and scuff because it is manufactured with a special wear layer and coated with urethane for extra-durability.
Although LVT and LVP are made from vinyl like traditional vinyl flooring, it is drastically different than the other types of vinyl flooring in their manufacturing process, complete aesthetics and applications. With today’s technology, LVT and LVP have been manufactured with a special process known as the photogravure process, which allows for incredibly realistic photo replications of the natural materials. This process creates a natural wood or stone aesthetic, complete with colours and textures for LVT and LVP to resemble real hardwood and stone. Now, many enjoy the look and feel of hardwood and stone but for only a fraction of its price because of the reality of LVT and LVP.

LVT and LVP are also environmentally-friendly and satisfies the standards for being “green”.

There are certain brands of LVT and LVP that earn LEED points for their customers. This category of luxury vinyl flooring also has superior inherent safety features compared to regular vinyl flooring. LVT and LVP are slip-resistant and meet the requirements of commercial flammability codes, as well as many other safety codes.
Finally, LVT and LVP flooring is much more resilient than other hard-surface flooring options. Due to the multiple layers of vinyl and resilient backing that is foundation for LVT and LVP, these provide better and more comfortable footing. It is much better to stand and walk on LVT and LVP flooring for extended periods of time than other surfaces. Another perk is that LVT and LVP tends to be warmer than traditional ceramic tiles.
Unmistakeably, LVT and LVP have many features and benefits that makes it a more superior flooring option compared to other vinyl products. If you are interested in using LVT or LVP for your home renovations, we suggest you check out our LVT products like SPC and WPC flooring.


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