Vinyl Flooring in Toronto : Different Types & Advantages

With so many styles and types to choose from, we’ve put together this handy, Toronto vinyl flooring guide to help you choose the best finishes for your home.

Advantages of this remarkable product include low cost, easy maintenance and a wide variety of looks. The timeless luxury and style of solid hardwood and ceramic floors never go out of style, but their maintenance and price point don’t suit many of today’s customers. While it was once impossible to have imitations that looked like the real thing, technology has allowed for incredible advancements, so today’s vinyl can look and feel just like high end products, at a fraction of the cost.

Waterproof Core

What if you need incredibly durable floors?

Got kids? Got pets? Or, perhaps you want to install vinyl flooring in Toronto for commercial use in an office or retail space. High foot traffic, heavy furniture or other stresses will be a daily part of life,and your floor better be up to the task! A product called Solid Core Luxury Vinyl is fabricated around an extremely solid core to ensure it’s stable and tough. It offers natural, warm hardwood effects or the look of elegant ceramic tile. Installation can involve the click- together or glue down methods,so it’s easy to DIY, further benefiting your budget. Active families approve of Fusion Core Vinyl. This comes in wood and tile looks with wear layers over a waterproof core. Its Durablock layer protects against the scuffs and scratches of every day life.

Do you want the look of natural tiles without choosing stone and ceramic as your material?

Flex Core is a luxury vinyl product which has traditionally dominated the category,but now there are some even more advanced, superior luxury products taking over. Groutable Luxury Vinyl has added the effect of grouting for a completely realistic impression. Groutable vinyl flooring in Toronto will let you have the stoneeffect you want without fear of chips and cracks, and at a much more budget-friendly price. Sheet Vinyl consists of large pieces of flexible flooring that can mimic many different textures and styles. These are scratch and tear resistant but must be installed in large sheets as opposed to smaller, customizable planks and tiles. Sheets come in felt back, installed with permanent adhesive, and fibreglass which has a ‘loose lay’ installation. It can be installed in your space with temporary adhesive or none at all. It won’t curl, shrink or warp and it feels cushioned under foot. This type of sheet floor is most popular.

Sheet Vinyl

Guarantee of Resilience

Vinyl is for everyone

This surface looks remarkably detailed, realistic and stylish,so it is no longer considered to be the cheap-looking flooring option. It is,however, still much cheaper than many other materials. With the advance of contemporary and traditional design elements, just about any luxury product you can think of will now be available in a vinyl option. Rooms which were once off limits for stone, or real, solid hardwood floors, can now be finished with elegance that will last for many years. Working with this material can be very fun and exciting. Let your creativity go wild! With less worry about budget and the guarantee of rugged resilience, its safe to try out any look you want for your home.

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