Toronto Vinyl – Learn Why Designers Love This Innovative Flooring Material

Toronto loves vinyl flooring and it’s not difficult to understand why.

It offers designers an innovative, modern solution for many of the common annoyances they face. By offering limitless variety in appearance, unmatched durability and resilience, and the easiest installation methods around, this type of flooring remains the top choice in interior design.

Unmatched Variety

The type of flooring is renowned for its ability to expertly mimic the appearance of other materials

You can find tiles and planks that look like hardwood, stone, ceramic, or custom designs and colours that can be used to fulfill any artistic vision. It is even possible to get vinyl flooring in Toronto with etchings that reproduce the texture of the copied material for an additional level of authenticity. As a bonus, these look-alike tiles cost a fraction of what real hardwood or stone would go for, making it an ideal pick for anyone who wants an upscale look at an affordable rate. Manufacturers are also constantly improving their offerings, and some have even started to stock vinyl designed to look like leather.


It wouldn’t have nearly as much popularity if all it could offer were affordable, high-end looks. Fortunately, these types of floors also have a durability that few other flooring materials can match. Toronto’s vinyl flooring is scratch-resistant, shrugs off impacts, doesn’t stain, and is 100% waterproof. This makes them a top choice for families with rambunctious children or pets and for anyone who wants to install a floor in a basement, kitchen, or bathroom. It is also extremely simple to maintain. Regular sweeping and an occasional mopping are all you need to keep these floor in peak condition. The material is softer than ceramic, stone, and some types of hardwood, so it is more comfortable underfoot and doesn’t cause as much strain if you stand on it for long periods. This softness, incidentally, is part of why it is so good at absorbing impacts. The floors are also better at retaining heat, a fact that anyone who has braved a kitchen barefoot in the early winter morning can be thankful for. Some of Toronto’s vinyl flooring products even come with padded underlayers to further enhance user comfort.

Unparalleled Durability

Simple to Install

These floors use a floating-type installation method, which means that the tiles hold each other in place rather than needing to be nailed or glued directly to the subfloor

This style has several advantages over other forms of installation. The first is that you can install the floors over either wood or concrete subfloors, and in some cases can even lay it over existing tile. Second, the floating install means you can easily swap tiles out if one needs to be replaced and don’t need to tear up whole sections of the floor to do so. Lastly, this type of flooring is extremely DIY-friendly and has few steps beyond applying double-sided adhesive along the perimeter of the room. This means you are less likely to need the services (and associated costs) of a contractor to install the floor on your behalf.

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