Toronto Vinyl Flooring Options May Surprise You

If you’re familiar with vinyl floors, then you likely already know about the material’s reputation as a talented mimic.

Vinyl can replicate the look of hardwood, stone, or other materials and offer these appealing looks alongside its own durability and affordability. However, there is much more to vinyl than copying appearances. Vinyl flooring in Toronto comes with numerous options that allow for full customization of style, shape and more, so you can find the perfect match for your interior design.

The Many Varieties of Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tile

There is surprising variety in types of vinyl flooring in Toronto, which home or business owners can select from. In addition to standard models, it’s also possible to purchase groutable vinyl tiles. This may seem like an odd choice at first since vinyl is already waterproof, but groutable vinyl adds an extra dash of realism to your tile floors. The fact that the grout helps protect against moisture slipping between tiles and guards against stains and cracking, doesn’t hurt either. Other types of vinyl include luxury vinyl tile, which has more realistic looks and texture, and wood or plastic composites, which are better at withstanding high foot traffic and are perfect for commercial use.

Vinyl floors have their colour applied through inlaid or printed methods.

Vinyl floors have their colour applied through inlaid or printed methods. Inlaid vinyl has the colour impregnated into the material directly and results in a richer finish. Printed vinyl, as the name implies, has the ink printed onto the surface of the flooring. Since the image on printed vinyl is only on the surface, any damage that goes beyond the wear layer will be more noticeable than in inlaid vinyl, where the colour is present throughout the material depth. On the other hand, if there is a custom look you have your heart set on, it will be easier to get it done in printed vinyl than inlaid. Ask to see side-by-side comparisons when you come in to the showroom at Chestnut Flooring to get a better understanding of the options.

Colours and Patterns

Finding the Finish

Planks or Sheets?

Vinyl tile is more common with stone-look models, but for wood-look vinyl the decision is often between planks or sheets. Vinyl planks will effortlessly replicate the look and texture of hardwoods and come in sizes of around 4-6” x 3-4′. It’s also possible to get planks custom-shaped if you want to make certain designs or have a space that is unusually shaped. Vinyl flooring in Toronto can also come in sheets that are either cut to specification or used in prepared rolls. Sheet vinyl has no gaps and is installed seamlessly, which makes it a top pick for bathrooms, laundry rooms, or other areas where standing water or high moisture content are a concern.

The wear layer

The finish on a vinyl floor is sometimes called the wear layer. There are three main options for finishes that are suitable for different environmental and traffic conditions. The first is a no-wax layer, which is best for rooms that see little dirt and aren’t likely to have heavy foot traffic. In exchange, you can enjoy a finish that is simple and easy to maintain. Next up is a urethane finish, which is suitable for normal levels of traffic and occasional heavy bouts as well. Urethane is also scuff-resistant and can handle minor scratches without issue. Urethane is also glossier than no-wax finishes. Last on the list is enhanced urethane. Enhanced urethane finishes are ideal for commercial floors since they can withstand heavy bouts of foot traffic, enjoy the highest level of scratch, stain, and scuff resistance, and can outlast other types of coatings.

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