Tips & Tricks : How To Clean Vinyl Flooring in Toronto

If you’re one of the millions turning to versatile, resilient and beautiful vinyl floors, congratulations- clean up just got easier for you.

Vinyl flooring in Toronto is a budget-friendly way to get the elegant, warm look of solid hardwood flooring or timeless luxury of tile and stone, without complicated and pricey maintenance. No treatments, oils or special cleaners are involved in the regular, daily maintenance. Vinyl floors can fall prey to staining, rust, scuffing or other harsh treatment so you need to know what to do when cleaning is required.

Daily Care

1. Sweep and vacuum daily

Depending on the area of the home, foot traffic can bring in sand and dirt particles that will be further ground into the floor as they are walked on. Keeping the finish of your floor looking fresh begins with reducing the wear on it. Though luxury vinyl tiles and planks are very scratch and scuff resistant, you can help by removing surface debris daily. Then, use a damp mop as needed to clean after sweeping. Mild soap or a manufacturer recommended cleaner will work well.

2. Removing rust from vinyl

You might assume that a strong, chemical cleaning product is required to remove something like rust, but a simple mixture of lemon juice and cream of tartar can easily lift away all traces. Mix the solution in a small container and apply a small amount then rub gently with a cloth. Rinse away the cleaner when you’re finished.

3.Rubbing alcohol can remove many stains and marks

Isopropyl alcohol can be found at most pharmacies as it is a first aid product, but it does wonders for stain removal too. Pen ink, markers, even nail polish and hair dye stains can be lifted with the application of rubbing alcohol. Try dipping a cloth and rubbing the area for a few seconds then rinse away.

4. Avoid polishing Toronto vinyl flooring

This popular material is already created with a sealant on its surface that stays shiny and clean-looking with only light washing. Unlike some other floor products, adding shine and wax products will have the opposite effect of making the surface appear dull and waxy. If you’ve applied a product containing waxes and want to remove the residue, try a diluted vinegar rinse and light mop.

Light Washing

PH Neutral Cleaners

5. No need for steam

Heat can damage the materials in your floor. Surface dirt doesn’t permeate the surface so there is no need to attempt drawing it out with steam and you may warm or otherwise damage the surface.

6. Stay away from bleach or Ammonia

The caustic nature of these corrosive types of cleaner mean that the surface layers of your floor could be damaged by their direct application. As well, harsh fumes and chemicals aren’t necessary to keep Toronto vinyl flooring sparkling clean. PH neutral cleaners make a gentler choice for you and your floors.

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