How Vinyl Flooring in Toronto Can Modernize Your Space

Interested in knowing if vinyl is the right choice for a modern update?

Deciding on new flooring for your home isn’t always a straightforward task. Though luxury surfaces such as solid hardwood and porcelain tile are the most sought after, they certainly aren’t the easiest to budget for. Some of the most contemporary design styles today are pricey and require diligent upkeep.Luckily, the options for affordable, modern style has expanded dramatically,and vinyl does many things those materials do – possibly even better. With vinyl flooring in Toronto, you can havethe stylish look you want for your home but for a lower price than you expect. Keep reading to find out how vinyl style options have changed and why it is so popular compared to other flooring materials today. Vinyl floors are available in three primary categories. Each form has its own advantages and should be considered depending on your design needs.

Vinyl Floor Categories

Sheet vinyl- more luxurious than you think

Sheet vinyl describes the large, flexible sheets that can not only mimic the look of hardwood but can also pull off tile or even natural stone. The sheet format is the most affordable form that vinyl comes in, but it isn’t as customizable as the other types we’ll review here. Due to the single piece format, this option isn’t as detail-oriented,and damaged areas can’t be replaced individually. Sheets excel, however, at being able to make your floor look less busy due to the absence of many seams that would appear on a tiled floor. It is also incredibly user-friendly and ideal for basements or high-traffic entry-ways.

The classic elegance of vinyl tile

Vinyl tiling, also known as luxury vinyl tile, is heavily customizable compared with sheets and optimal for smaller spaces. The newest varieties have impressively realistic detailing and texture, lending the feel of a classic ceramic or stone floor. It comes in pieces rather than a roll and can be customizedper square.

How can vinyl fit into your home?

The most popular alternative to hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, can vary in texture to represent numerous types of hardwood. Like LVT, it comes in individual planks, making the style possibilities customizable. Luxury plank, the most popular of the three, makes an excellent alternative to hardwoods for areas that are exposed to wear and tear, or for rooms that experience dampness like bathrooms and basements. They vary in finish and texture, but the combination of photo-finish and texture lends unparalleled realism. Similar to luxury vinyl tile, it’s available in modular planks, allowing individual pieces to be exchanged when needed.

Vinyl flooring in Toronto suits practically any room, without limitation. From damp basements to warm kitchens, vinyl provides a tactile feel below your feet and a realistic imitation of your desired material to finish a room.For busy commercial and office spaces as well, this budget-friendly and durable material achieves a luxurious look with easy maintenance and less expense.

Vinyl Luxury Plank Option

Preventing Damage

Which form is right for my home?

Consider what your day to day life is like and what your floors will ensure:kids,pets, kitchen messes, damp Toronto climate? All of these factors may influence your choice of flooring material. Tiles and planks will serve you better if you have pets, rather than a sheet. The scratch and scuff resistant nature of the tiles and planks will prevent the damage that your best friend’s claws may leave behind. Foot traffic is also something to consider when choosing which format to purchase your Toronto vinyl flooring in.

With so many beautiful and practical options, you can rest assured that vinyl proves itself day after day as one of the most sought-after choices for the luxury home. Its engineering over time has resulted in advanced ability to mirror realistic stone, tile and hardwood impressions, without breaking the bank. We welcome you to visit our showroom, or call today and see for yourself what vinyl can do.

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