Why Are We Seeing More Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan Condos?

Though vinyl is exceptionally resistant to the majority of stains and spills, no matter what, some things will leave a mark – rust being one of them.

Learning how to remove these stains yourself will save you money and help keep your Toronto vinyl flooring looking spotless. There’re a few options at your disposal other than just water and elbow grease. From homemade remedies all the way to store-bought cleaning products, before tackling any stain you must first consider how the use of the product will affect the surface. Make sure to avoid concentrated bleaches, and if in doubt, run any product past your vinyl flooring manufacturer before use.

The DIY Approach

Cleaning Up Stains

The average home has everyday products in the kitchen that can “naturally” clean up stains. If not, these homemade ingredients are readily available at the grocery store or pharmacy. A simple concoction of vinegar, baking soda, water and dish rags are usually more than enough to obliterate even the toughest rust stains. Spread a thin dusting of baking soda over the target spot and wet the cloth with vinegar. Gently rub the rust spot for a minute or two and then rinse with water. You may need to repeat the process a coupleof times, or until the stain has vanished. The basic science behind this involves the baking soda combined with vinegar, oxidizing the stain. This should leave you with a clean floor that looks brand new. If however, the baking powder doesn’t do the trick, you can also try a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to spot-clean and then rinse with water before applying more powder.

The store-bought approach to cleaning Toronto Vinyl flooring

Most grocery or corner stores carry products that can cut through rust stains with ease, leaving your vinyl floor looking fresh and bright. Look for oxalic acid solution powder, gloves andeven a mask for your use. The acidic solution is toxic, so take proper precautions and avoid breathing it in. Follow your cleaning product labels’ instructions and test it on any extratile you may have left over from your initial installation to ensure no adverse effects. Always avoid bleach on your vinyl as it can break the material down- permanently etching the surface. Avoid chlorinated cleaners as well for the same reason. Always check the label, and if you are ever in doubt, contact your flooring supply experts.

Flooring Supply Experts

Prevention Is Power

Try not to leave water onto your floor

As in most cases, the most optimal scenario is one where you prevent rust from marking your beautiful floors in the first place. Avoid use of nails during your Toronto vinyl flooring installation. Furniture, especially metal table and appliance legs can be covered with pads so that no direct contact with the flooris made. Wipe up food stains right away and cover high-traffic areas with a protective runner. Taking these easy steps can ensure your vinyl flooring looks bright and lovely for years to come.

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