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Vinyl Flooring Collections

We carry a wide selection of unique vinyl flooring styles at our showroom. Browse through our catalog to see some of our selections.

Benefits of Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is available in a wide range of looks and styles

There are many different varieties of vinyl, including ones that mimic the look and texture of various woods and natural stones.

Suitable for spaces with increased moisture

Vinyl floors are water resistant, making them an excellent choice for rooms with increased moisture, such as bathrooms and basements.

Among the most cost effective flooring types

With improvements in manufacturing processes, vinyl floors are among the most cost-effective options among all floor types.

Vinyl Patterns & Swatches

Check out some of our Vinyl patterns and swatches. Click on the design to see more information.

Herringbone Medium 185
Herringbone Short 171
Staggered Bands 193
Staggered Bands 197
Staggered Bands 195
Staggered Bands 196
White Birch
Log Cabin
Sandy Trail
Gray Jay

Discover Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Vinyl flooring has been completely revitalized with the creation of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), a beautiful, high quality alternative to natural stone, wood, and ceramic tile.

In many cases, it is difficult to distinguish between LVT and the natural stones, ceramic tiles, and hardwood that it is designed to replicate.

This makes vinyl tile an ideal choice for individuals who hope to achieve the look and textures of various stones or wood types, without the cost associated with such products.

Superior Comfort

Many vinyl planks, sheets and tiles have a felt or foam backing, making them more flexible and more comfortable to walk and stand on.

In addition, vinyl is not as cold as wood or ceramic tiles, which makes it more comfortable to walk on in the colder months. The foam backing of vinyl floors also helps to reduce sound because sound is absorbed by the cushioned surface, ensuring your comfort.

Our Flooring Exerts can help you navigate different flooring  types, to find the type to suit your specific needs.

Vinyl Types

Trends in Vinyl Flooring

Methods and materials used in vinyl flooring manufacturing have come a long way. Check out this handy video that we’ve produced to learn more about the new developments in vinyl flooring.

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Other Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Design Appeal

Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes.

Regardless of your design aesthetic, there is a vinyl flooring for you— from vibrant colours, to vivid patterns, and textures. Modern vinyl is designed to mimic natural materials; closely resembling higher end finishes such as hardwood, stone, and marble tile. For example, at Chestnut Flooring, we offer vinyl in the following finishes: whiskey barrel oak, aged pine, ambered barnwood, Chilean cherry, coastal driftwood, mission oak, smoked oak, weathered barnwood, ambered barnwood, Brazilian cherry, caramel bamboo, crema slate, golden oak, mission oak, rich cherry, river bed slate, sunset beach, vintage oak, volcano stone, weathered barnwood, sonoran slate, driftwood hickory, golden hickory, gunstock hickory, saddle hickory, spice maple, toasted maple, and wheatfield maple. Your vinyl planks or tiles can be installed in a variety of different patterns, which enable you to create a completely unique and customized look. Our design experts will work with you to help you make your vision a reality.


Vinyl floors can be highly durable and resiliant

Vinyl planks, tiles and sheets are extremely durable, often coming holding a 15-year manufacturer warranty. When installed by an expert, vinyl floors can last for upwards of 20 years. In addition, individual vinyl tiles or planks, which begin to show signs of wear, can easily be replaced without redoing the entire floor. Their durability makes them a popular option in spaces with heavy foot traffic, such as commercial settings or busy areas of the home. Vinyl flooring is suitable for spaces exposed to considerable moisture, as it is water and stain resistant. This makes it a popular choice for beautiful bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. Vinyl flooring is also one of the easiest flooring types to care for since it does not require grout and includes very few seams. Dirt and debris can be swept clean and a damp mop is recommended to remove grime. There are a number of different approved vinyl cleaners on the market to choose from.

Vinyl flooring can be installed in virtually any area of the home, both above and below grade. The unique advantage of wood finish vinyl planks is that damp basements are no problem for this water-resistant material.

Typically not suitable for stairs, vinyl must be installed on a flat, level surface. Although it’s possible to install yourself, for the best results, we recommend you trust vinyl installation to a professional so that it will look its absolute best for many years to come. Because vinyl tiles and planks require a smooth surface, it’s best to install vinyl over a well-sanded plywood subfloor. While it is possible to install vinyl on concrete, a plywood subfloor ensures uniformity and also adds additional comfort under foot. Our installation experts at Chestnut Flooring will carefully prep and install your flooring in your desired pattern, providing a professional finish with no visible seams.

If you’re interested in learning more about vinyl plank, tile or sheet flooring in Canada, we encourage you to visit our showroom, conveniently located in Toronto and see the vast range of vinyl flooring options available. From the minute you walk through our door to the day of your flooring installation, we will take care of every detail, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a superior customer service experience and quality products at an affordable price. As a result, we take the time to answer all of your questions, help you choose the most suitable flooring for your needs, develop a design plan, provide a detailed estimate, and expertly install your dream floor.


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