Vinyl flooring is a perfect choice for your Toronto basement

The basement is a common space in the home that often undergoes renovations.

However, when it comes to the flooring of basements, choosing the right material can be tricky. The biggest challenge that most interior designers and homeowners find when dealing with the basement flooring is moisture. There can be a lot of moisture from below, rising up from the concrete slab, and moisture from above if a flood occurs. Therefore, the flooring material must be moisture-resistant and preferably waterproof. The second biggest challenge to basement floor renovations is the concrete since it is near-impossible to nail into and its dampness makes adhesion a problem.


Toronto vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for flawless basement flooring that handles both challenges.

Choosing the right type of vinyl flooring will provide water-resistance without the need to be nailed or glued down during its simple installation. Vinyl flooring is mainly made of plastic, which is why it is highly water-resistant and very suitable for covering concrete. It will not be damaged by normal amounts of water on the surface or the occasional dampness from the concrete below. This is especially important if your basement is prone to water damage from seeping moisture and flooding issues. Using vinyl flooring for the basement can also bring some comfort to your footing as well since some vinyl flooring material can provide a layer of cushion over the concrete, without compromising its water-resistance. This gives vinyl flooring an advantage over the use of ceramic tiles, which is waterproof but very hard and uncomfortable.
There are many different types of Toronto vinyl flooring and almost all are suitable for the basement. For a floating floor, or one that does not require adhesives, vinyl sheets and planks are both great options. Durable vinyl sheets are fiberglass-reinforced and can be installed as one piece to cover the concrete. Vinyl planks are wide strips of flooring that have a click-and-lock system that snaps individual pieces together to create a continuous layer over the concrete.

A very popular and common vinyl plank is SPC flooring, which stands for stone-plastic composite.

Since it contains stone and fiber, SPC flooring is extremely durable, 100% waterproof and moisture-resistant. It also is designed with Unilin, a special click-and-lock system for easy installation without glue or adhesives. Finally, SPC flooring offers better footing and comfort because there is an underlaying cork pad with an optional sound absorption pad.
With such characteristics and benefits, Toronto vinyl flooring is one of the best options for your basement. However, before you go ahead and purchase all your flooring materials, consider some of these tips for installation:
1) clean and smooth the concrete by filling in any cracks or holes with compound
2) double cut seams to create an invisible seam if you need to lay more than one piece of vinyl sheet
3) leave some expansion gaps since most floating floors need a little wiggle room along its edges
4) tuck under the trim, but not the cabinets
After proper installation of vinyl flooring to your basement, you will have transform the space into something completely new that you and your family can enjoy.


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