Vinyl Flooring in Toronto : What Type of Flooring is Best For The Kitchen?

Vinyl flooring in Toronto kitchens does the work that higher-end materials can’t do while looking fabulous.

The average kitchen in any home is a busy, high-traffic area prone to spills and chairs being dragged across them. Few rooms can be subject to dropped knives and heavy dishes, food spills and feet multiple times a day. The flooring choice for your kitchen needs to be robust.

Innovative Floor Product

Toronto vinyl flooring is the best choice for kitchens

This innovative, modern floor product has come a long way. Vinyl planks or tiles are typically made from fibreglass, PVC and various plastic components. Typical sheets of vinyl are printedwith photo-realistic images and designs to mimic other floors like wood or stone. The surface can be raised and textured to add realistic qualities that make it hard to tell apart from the real thing. A top layerof polyurethane provides tough-as-nails-strength, and foam underlayers deliver cushioning insulation.

Vinyl flooring is waterproof and easy to care for

Maintaining a clean vinyl kitchen floor is as easy as it gets. With a broom, vacuum, mop or just a cloth, you can use simple tools and mild soap to wipe up messes and keep the floor clean. Most spills can be wiped up right away and won’t stain or set in due to the protective coating.

Wood-effect vinyl products

If you’re considering vinyl flooring in your kitchen, you’ll likely want planks or tiles which can be printed to represent wood or stone. It’s easy to install and allows homeowners to have the look of hardwood floors in a space where upkeep of wood isn’t practical. The incredibly tough tile surface resists scuffs, scratches and dents, while it holds up under dropped items and sharp objects too.

In a traditional kitchen, complimentary traditional wood floors are perfectly portrayed by the latest wood-effect vinyl products. Authentic woodgrain, knots and shades represent a number of species and styles, without the worry and cost of maintenance.

Shopping for your tile can be a fun, creative experience as you get a closer look at the vast amount of options available. This budget-friendly material makes it possible to choose lavish-looking products you may not otherwise consider worth kitchen installation.

Vinyl Tile

Heat-Resistant Material

Vinyl plank flooring

Similar to vinyl tiles, planks have a self-adhesive surface on their underside to stick directly over the floor.

Vinyl click flooring

This is a newer, luxury option in Toronto vinyl flooring. Eachpiece can be clicked and locked into a connecting part. If you’re a DIY enthusiast,this option may appeal to you as it’s easy to work with and mistakes can be corrected. Durable, scratch and heat-resistant, this tough material is as practical as it is stunning in any room.

We welcome you to call or visit Chestnut Flooring for a tour of our showroom. You’ll be impressed with the wide variety of styles available and the high-quality of today’s vinyl floor options.

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