Make a big impact in a small space with Toronto luxury vinyl flooring

Home renovation can be really fun and exciting, but sometimes it can be a headache as well.

Every room needs its special considerations and bathrooms can be especially problematic because of the small space and high moisture levels. Toronto vinyl flooring solves many style and function problems. You will want your bathroom to have a certain aesthetic with either pebble stone tiles or classic hardwood. But how can you achieve all that with your home renovations in such a small space?


At Chestnut Flooring, we suggest to our fellow homeowners and designers the use of our Toronto luxury vinyl flooring to make a big impact in small spaces of the home, such as bathrooms.

Traditionally, bathrooms have simple ceramic tiles on the floors while other rooms of the home are more flexible with their flooring options to achieve different aesthetics. With today’s technology and flooring choices though, this limitation for the bathroom no longer exists. The use of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) means you can choose to have any flooring aesthetic you would like and still accomplish great design and resiliency.
LVT is manufactured by a unique process called photogravure process to create a natural hardwood or stone appearance and texture. Now, many homeowners are able to enjoy the look of hardwood or stone in any room of their homes for a lower price, easy maintenance and water-resistance. If you are considering Toronto vinyl flooring and more specifically, LVT for spicing up your bathrooms, we recommend SPC flooring which is a very popular type of LVT.

SPC flooring stands for stone-plastic composite.

This vinyl flooring type is made of vinyl, natural stone and fiber so the integrity of its structure is more resilient, durable, stable and environmentally-friendly. It holds many similar features of other luxury vinyl flooring that makes it a superior choice for any room in the home, including bathrooms. With a special 0.5mm VC wear-resistant layer and vinyl resin as its main component, SPC flooring is more waterproof and moisture-resisting than its other counter-options. SPC flooring is also easy to clean and not prone to erosion from oils, dilute acids or other chemical substances that can commonly be found in the bathrooms.
SPC flooring is also designed with Unilin, a special click-and-lock system that allows for easy installation, even in small spaces. Each individual tile of SPC flooring comes as 5.0mm thick, 1220mm long and 148mm wide. There is an optional sound absorption pad that can be installed along with the SPC flooring for quieter footing and more comfort than typical ceramic tiles.
If you are homeowner that is looking to renovate and improve your home, consider the use of LVT and SPC flooring. These new, advanced flooring materials from traditional vinyl can make a big impact on your home, especially in small spaces like bathrooms that can be more limiting. To learn more about Toronto vinyl flooring, come visit Chestnut Flooring and get professional opinions on how to best style your home.


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