Let’s Take a Close Look at Luxury Vinyl Tile in Vaughan

Luxury vinyl tile, sometimes shortened to LVT, is best understood as “vinyl plus”.

LVT is similar to normal types of vinyl flooring in Vaughan—it contains the same layers, resilient core, and backing—but is overall thicker. This simple change increases LVT’s durability and adds an extra element of realism to its designs. Most waterproof vinyl tiles also fall under the LVT category. LVT, like all vinyl, is very DIY-friendly and easy to install. Traditional adhesive types are available, but you can also find peel-and-stick tiles or varieties that don’t need any glue at all. These loose lay or click tiles simply need to be guided into place and viola—the job is done! An extra advantage is that LVT does not always require tearing up the existing floor. Loose lay, for instance, can be placed over existing tile and click tiles can actually be used on uneven surfaces.

How Durable Are We Talking?

Extremely. Luxury vinyl tile is a fantastic choice for homes of rambunctious children, pets, or for businesses that have high volumes of foot-traffic.

LVT resists scratches, stains, wear-and-tear, and can even boast that it is 100% waterproof (none of that 99.9% nonsense either!).To top it off, vinyl is super easy to clean and maintain since it doesn’t have grout grooves for dirt to hide or require specialized care like hardwood. A good old brush and mop will take care of most maintenance concerns and keep your vinyl sparkling for years to come.

The only true restriction on where you can put luxury vinyl flooring in Vaughan is that the stairs are a no-go since LVT needs a flat, level surface.

Other than that, you can put vinyl anywhere. Vinyl flooring is capable of remarkable variation in design and appearance, so you can likely find a pattern or style to suit any room in the home or business. Having said that, there are areas where vinyl is more commonly used than others. LVT’s durability makes it a common choice for areas people come into from outdoors (mudrooms, entryways, etc.) or places where the floor might be exposed to lots of water (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room). Vinyl also has more ‘give’ than other floor types so it’s handy in places like playrooms where taking a tumble is more likely.

Best Places for Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT is extremely versatile

As mentioned, LVT is extremely versatile and is effective at mimicking the appearance of other materials in addition to its own plethora of colours and shades.

If you’ve ever seen a hardwood kitchen then chances are what you were looking at was actually an LVT floor. LVT can also effortlessly capture the appearance of numerous stone tiles including slate, marble, and the classical travertine, allowing home and business owners to enjoy the realistic look and feel without any of the downsides like porous surfaces, grout maintenance, or potential cracking. LVT is not limited to reproducing the appearance of wood or stone, either. A number of different textures can be harnessed to give vinyl flooring in Vaughan the touch of weathered white-washing, antique reclamation, or liming to add an additional dash of personal touch to the room.

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