How To Keep Your Vinyl Flooring in Toronto Warm This Winter

The cold of winter is upon us, and everyone is looking for ways to escape it!

We know that it is necessary to dress in layers and bundle up against wind and snow when we go outside, but do you have a strategy to make your home a cozy oasis when you return inside from the elements?

Elegant Style Options

Vinyl flooring in Toronto winters doesn’t have to freeze your feet

This material is understandably popular due to its elegant style options and realistic textures that give the appearance of natural wood or stone. However, it’s a thinner plank, so when it’s installed directly on concrete, the floors can be quite hard and cold.

Some homeowners think that this is a necessary trade-off for the many benefits that vinyl flooring can provide. For example, the surface is extremely durable and water-resistant. It’s nearly impossible to dent or scratch, and since the material is naturally anti-microbial, it’s healthy and safe for your loved ones.

One solution that will provide greater comfort in any season is to opt for thermal underlay when you have your flooring installed. Fibre/felt underlay beneath durable vinyl sheets will still allow the floor to lay firmly against the subfloor, and foam underlay can provide soundproofing in addition to insulation from the subfloor temperature. Luxury vinyl planks provide a built-in cushion of underlay as well as convenient interlocking mechanisms that ensure tight seams. Rigid core vinyl can also be installed over underlay.

Floating floors are trending up

This is another installation option for Toronto vinyl flooring that can keep your toes toasty through the winter months. This approach provides an insulative layer of air between the vinyl planks and subfloor. 10-15 years ago, this was the go-to installation strategy for homes with vinyl flooring, and it continues to be a popular choice, particularly with LVP.

Floating vinyl floors are enjoying a resurgence because the manufacturing process has advanced and improved style, durability and moisture-resistance. Compared to glue-down methods, letting your vinyl float is always preferable when:

  • Old adhesive from the previous flooring is left behind
  • Installation is taking place over anything involving asbestos

Of course, if you live in a region where winter temperatures consistently drop below freezing, then warmer floors are an obvious added benefit!


Welcome Textures

Area rugs and floor mats

If your vinyl has already been installed directly over concrete, don’t lose heart! You can keep the cold away with plush rugs that reflect your style and add a feeling of luxury to defy winter’s chill. Area rugs and floor mats not only provide welcome texture and beautiful pops of colour if you choose, but they also protect your Toronto vinyl flooring from the grit, salt, and slush that are inevitably tracked in on shoes and boots.

Strategically-placed floor mats beside your bed, in front of sinks, and anywhere else you often stand can help to ease the aching cold without completely covering your beautiful floors.

It is impossible to shorten winter, but with the above tips, you can make the most of this season by enjoying warmth and comfort as much as possible in your home.

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