Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your Toronto Home Renovation

If you are planning a home renovation, have you considered the use of vinyl flooring?

Much more than meets the eye, the material in Toronto vinyl flooring started out in creation of industrial and household items before debuting as a type of flooring. Now, it is a common and popular option amongst homeowners and interior designers.


What is it about vinyl flooring that makes it such a great option for home renovations?

Vinyl flooring is one of the most sought-after options for floors because of its attractive designs, its resiliency, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, because it is synthetically-created, vinyl flooring can come in practically any colour, pattern or style. It can be easily incorporated into your home space to enhance or match the décor and atmosphere. If you want to go bold, vinyl can do that. If you want something more subtle, vinyl can also accomplish it. There are very little limitations to what aesthetics vinyl can create.

Vinyl is also loved for its simple yet highly advantageous features.

Although vinyl flooring can look identical to wood, stone and ceramic tiles, its material is much more durable than most of these traditional flooring options because of a special wear layer on its surface. To further boost its durability, vinyl flooring can be used in areas with moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms because it contains a protective antimicrobial layer that resists mold and mildew. It is also much easier to install and maintain in comparison. Finally, unlike the other flooring options, Toronto vinyl flooring offers relatively more softness and comfort to your feet. If you are interested in using vinyl for your flooring, you should consider which type of vinyl is most suitable for your home since not all vinyl flooring is made the same. There are three different options on the market: sheets, tiles and planks.

Vinyl sheets are typically available as large, wide rolls that are six- to twelve-feet wide.

They are extremely easy to install in any size or type of room and offer all the benefits of vinyl flooring. Vinyl tiles are individual square pieces that are imprinted with special designs. These are easy to install and can be laid to form a unique pattern. Vinyl tiles are a very popular option for bathrooms and kitchens. Some designers suggest laying the tiles diagonally for a unique contrast or in a checkerboard pattern for more depth. The types of designs and colours can be customized to anything you like for your space with vinyl tiles.
Vinyl planks are very similar to hardwood or laminate. This kind of vinyl flooring is most-recommended for living rooms and bedrooms. Similar to the vinyl tiles, planks can also be laid in patterns to give a sense of uniqueness to your home. WPC vinyl planks or SPC vinyl planks are other forms of vinyl flooring that are considered to be luxury vinyl. They are made from a mixture of wood, plastic and vinyl. WPC and SPC vinyl offers high durability, is waterproof and comes with a specially designed click-and-lock installation system.
When deciding on the flooring for your home renovations, consider choosing Toronto vinyl flooring as your choice for an aesthetically pleasing space that is unique, cost-effective and beneficial in multiple ways.


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