Can Vinyl Flooring in Toronto Work In My Summer Home?

In the southern, Canadian climate, brief, hot summers followed by a long season of cold and snow seems to be the norm.

Perhaps that’s why our summer homes and cottages are such valued escapes. When planning the décor that will make your summer home inviting for you and your guests, what flooring do you have in mind? In Toronto, vinyl flooring is an ideal option to finish 3 season homes and cottages, whether winterized or not.

LVT is a DIY-er’s Dream

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

Vinyl was once considered to be the cheap option, which also looked cheap. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) can appear identical to hardwood, or stone, or ceramic. It’s a DIY-er’s dream, however. The click format makes cottage installation easy, but it does come at a higher price point than vinyl sheets and planks. The practicality of all these vinyl options is the main selling point for use in summer homes, even though the cost of vinyl will usually suit all budgets too. Where moisture and humidity is an issue, this material doesn’t expand and contract the way other products like wood can. Many people find renovations at the cottage to be much trickier because access and available help could be limited. You may be carting supplies up one truckful at a time and installing the floor with the help of family and friends. Vinyl makes this not only possible but a fun and straightforward project that just about anyone can handle.

Has vinyl flooring in Toronto, improved?

In the past, linoleum glue would sometimes undergo strange transformations in the summer heat or the long, dry Canadian winters. Today’s vinyl flooring in Toronto is incredibly advanced, so it doesn’t pose a problem in any conditions and will last for decades. It’s water resistant and not prone to scratching or dents, which means it’s easy to keep clean. When most people are on vacation, they don’t want to worry about spills, water and sand from the beach, continually mopping or cleaning. The good news with vinyl is, you don’t have to worry about complicated maintenance, so you can just put your feet up and enjoy.

Will Last for Decades

Achieve any Design or Texture

Any design, texture or pattern you want

Whether you’re seeking the cool, natural aesthetic of stone, soft, white-washed wooden floorboards, or stylish, clean ceramic, you can achieve any of these with a versatile material that lasts for decades in your summer home. If you’re in the market for decor finishes that look high-end but are incredibly simple to install and maintain, look no further than vinyl. At Chestnut Flooring, we have planks, tiles and sheets of this popular design material. If you’re seeking artistic personalization, a family crest or other inlaid image, we can help with that. If you want a different texture and material type in each room- vinyl can create that look for you. We offer professional installation when preferred, but we’ll also provide you with plenty of information and guidance to ensure you can install your floors, the way you want, where you want. Contact us today or come visit our showroom.

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