There are tons of reasons why hardwood floors are considered the gold standard for several homeowners and individuals seeking new houses. For starters, they’re extremely beautiful, durable, and incredibly versatile. More interestingly, they efficiently work with just about any design and color scheme.

They afford homeowners that warm connection to nature and the outdoor feel. If you happen to get in touch with reliable professionals in the industry, one that offers topnotch quality and the spice that matches your style and need, then you’re good to go. What’s more, you’re about to find out one!

We’re glad to introduce you to Goodfellow. We are succinctly the wood specialists! Over the years, our exclusive adaptive skills to customer needs have given us an outstanding reputation as far as wood product source is concerned. Summarily, the cumulation of our technical expertise, financial strength, and of course, our excellent capacity in inventory management within the supply chain has earned us the efficiency always to meet the demands of customers.

When it comes to flooring, we’ve got a rich collection of specialized variety, sizes, colors, and species you can choose from – all you’d ever need to create that perfect ambiance.

ENGINEERED WOOD: These are floors that are made from a peculiar hardwood surface that is bonded to several wood layers to aid its stability and strength. Choosing Goodfellow engineered wood comes with quite a lot of benefits. You quickly get an unlimited variety of colors, widths, styles, and that professional quality that is cheap. Engineered hardwood is the right choice, as it is quite easy to install, very durable, reasonably priced, and hence, offering a beautiful overall look to your floor.

LAMINATE: We’ve got awesome new trends for you to admire. Yes! That exact stylish and functional laminate style to build the floor of your dreams. That’s because we can replicate traditional hardwood’s aesthetics, providing you an excellent natural and authentic outlook. With laminate, we are versatile such that we can add rustic flair or even smooth, modern subtlety. And guess what? We do this without harming the environment!

SPC: This is fully called the Stone Product Composite Flooring. Its core is comprised of natural limestone powder, stabilizers, and polyvinyl. With us, it is extensively durable, easy to install, and of course, waterproof. Also, you’ll have a vast range of style options at your fingertips as well.

VINYL: Vinyl floors are always a delight for both the eyes and feet. Here, we offer vinyl and WPC flooring collection that’s available both in planks and tiles. Their beautiful designs and awesome accessories afford your floor a natural look. The comfort of the soft and comfy surfaces makes them a delight to walk on even when you’re barefoot!

WPC: Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring has its core made of recycled wood pulp as well as plastic composites, and of course, it is waterproof like the SPC. We provide the WPC flooring job with expertise that prevents warping when exposed to moisture. Also, we’ve got a host of colors and patterns, as the design is printed onto the vinyl layer, giving you the best that suits your style and taste.

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