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Torlys Smart Hardwood in Toronto

Although Torlys flooring specializes in a wide range of products, their most popular flooring type is hardwood

Their engineered hardwood is considered a “smart” hardwood, as it uses modern technology to optimize our natural resources, producing 30 times more flooring with each tree than conventional hardwood. They achieve this feat by precisely cutting and assembling flooring in a way that minimizes their hardwood consumption.In addition to its environmental benefits, Torlys hardwood is incredibly beautiful and durable. The specially selected hardwoods are designed to create a stunning, long-lasting floor, which is easy to install and will stand the test of time. The Uniclic joint is a vital component of Torlys innovative hardwood production, as it does not require the use of glues, chemicals, or nails during installation and reduces the appearance of gaps once the hardwood is installed. It’s considered the strongest joint in flooring today and helps to provide incredibly durable and resilient results. The compilation of Torlys hardwood also contributes to its longevity. Each plank has a carefully engineered high-density wood fibre core combined with a thick layer of beautiful, rich hardwood. As a result, it is dent and scratch resistant, which means it will continue to look as beautiful as installation day for years to come. Torlys hardwood is covered by a 25 year residential wear warranty as well as a lifetime structural and joint integrity warranty to provide consumers with peace of mind in the quality of their investment.

Toryls strives to create beautiful, practical flooring that will last for many years to come

However, they believe that doing so should not come at the expense of the environment, which is why they have re-imagined floor design to ensure that they reduce their environmental impact and optimize environmental benefits. For example, their Smart Hardwood technology enables them to produce 30 times more flooring from one tree than conventional hardwood, which allows them to use the valuable natural resource efficiently. Their patented Uniclic joint also eliminates the necessity for harmful chemical glues, solvents, and fumes during installation. In addition, because the joints simply click together, they can be disassembled and re-used up to three times,meaning they are a recyclable product. Finally, Torlys hardwood creates a safe living environment for consumers as its underlay provides anti-microbial protection against harmful mold and mildew and their no-gap flooring eliminates the dust, dirt, mites, and allergens that are often present in floor gaps.

Environmental Commitment

Accommodating Every Style And Budget

Durability of Torlys flooring

At Chestnut flooring, we pride ourselves on our vast selection of high quality products, which is why we are thrilled to carry Torlys flooring in Toronto. Like Chestnut Flooring, Torlys specializes in a diverse range of durable flooring products including hardwood, laminate, and cork. They understand the tremendous impact that beautiful, quality flooring can have in your space, and offer a wide range of products to accommodate every style and budget. Most importantly, they do so without compromising their values, as they adhere to a strong environmental commitment. All of their products use superior craftsmanship using sustainable practices.

Torlys Smart Cork

In addition to hardwood and laminate, Torlys is a leader in cork flooring due to their smart cork design

Although cork is often overlooked, this environmentally friendly collection provides a beautiful, warm, and comfortable surface underfoot. It features a wide range of trendy colours and four signature collections: Florence Designer, Florence Elite, Florence Premier, and Classic Premier. Their range of cork includes planks in a variety of sizes including the innovative extra-long 6’ planks. One of the greatest advantages of Torlys Smart Cork is its durability. Torlys smart finish, which is 50% more durable than comparable finishes, integrates with all of their cork. As a result, their cork is as strong as it is beautiful. In addition, it is sustainable, which means it is a responsible and environmentally friendly flooring choice. As a testament to their dedication to the environment, Torlys cork collection is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means that it meets the FSC’s rigorous standards for responsible forestry management.

Torlys Smart Laminate in Toronto

Torlys flooring in Toronto also specializes in smart laminate, an incredibly resilient flooring solution which closely resembles hardwood

Laminate is ideal for busy households with children and pets, as it is exceptionally strong and hardwearing, making it a carefree material. They have six designer collections to choose from including Elevae, Envique, Largo, Reclaimé, Sugar Hill, and Classic Plus. Each option is backed by Torlys warranty and has passed a rigorous series of tests to earn the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) Certification Seal. As a result, you can feel confident in the quality, durability, and strength of Torlys beautiful and smart laminate. Regardless of your taste or budget, a laminate will meet your needs.

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Although Torlys extensive selection means that there is something for everyone, sifting through all of the flooring options can be intimidating and many customers don’t know where to start. We invite you to contact us by phone at 905-761-6655 or drop by our showroom at 8601 Jane Street, Units 1-2, Concord, Ontario to schedule an appointment with one of our flooring specialists who will help you choose the Torlys flooring in Vaughn that best suits your needs, space, design aesthetic and budget.

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Solid Hardwood Collections

For a wide selection of Torlys flooring in Toronto, we invite you to drop by our showroom to meet with a flooring expert.

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This collection features extra long and wide planks that help to create the allusion of additional space. Delivering a sophisticated finish modeled after oak, Largo laminate is ideal for small spaces, as it achieves the look of an expansive hardwood floor.

CorkWood Collection

Torlys flooring in Toronto has also created an innovative new CorkWood collection, which combines the natural beauty of wood with the strength of laminate and the warmth of cork. This revolutionary hybrid product allows customers to experience the best features of each flooring type in one stunning surface.

Classic Plus

Featuring oak in a variety of finishes, this classic laminate has realistic detailing with subtle dark and light variations, creating a statement that is both natural and elegant.

Sugar Hill

The Sugar Hill collection, available in hickory, walnut, maple, acacia and oak, is incredibly elegant and beautiful. The planks of this subtle textured floor are 12mm thick.


This collection delivers the rich look of European oak and pine at a fraction of the cost. Its texture and muted colours achieve a vintage look and feel. It is best suited to individuals who prefer a more subtle colour palette.


Because the Envique collection closely resembles oak and pine, its realism is renowned. In addition to its beautiful and dramatic finish, with 24-hour spill protection,this innovative flooring is incredibly advanced. As a result, it is an ideal choice for commercial spaces or high traffic areas of the home.

Everest Exotics Collection

The Everest Exotics collection is a unique collection comprised of a variety of distinct exotic hardwoods from around the world including bamboo, Brazilian cherry, mahogany, wenge, zebrano, makore, rosewood, and panga panga. This engineered hardwood suits every taste, whether you prefer a dramatic look with rich, contrasting grains or a softer finish with subtle, muted colour variation. It is also available in both smooth and textured finishes. Regardless of your choice, this collection highlights the natural beauty of the precious hardwoods, which are harvested from environmentally managed forests around the world.


As its name implies, this collection delivers the charm of reclaimed hardwood. To do so, it features mismatched realism and planks that resemble vintage wood. It is available in a number of oak finishes as well as a unique Parisian chevron.

Everest Americas Collection

This collection, which features red and white oak, maple, beech, American walnut, and American cherry, highlights the inherent beauty of the Americas. This exclusive collection brings serenity and balance to any space, while adding comfort and character. Like the Exotics collection, it is available in a wide range of finishes and is made from carefully selected “smart” hardwood which is supported with a high-density wood core, providing a comfortable cushion underfoot.

The Summit Collection

The Summit collection of Torlys flooring in Toronto is comprised of premium hardwood of the finest quality. Rich woods including red and white oak, chestnut, beech, maple, wenge, timbi, kalungi, and jatoba are carefully finished in vibrant hues and beautiful textures which provide warmth and elegance to any space. Available in both smooth and textured finishes, this collection features long graceful planks with micro-bevelled edges, which creates beautiful, clean lines.

The Montcalm Collection

The Montcalm collection uses red and white oak and beech to deliver a fresh take on traditional strip hardwood. This richly textured flooring is both classic and comfortable and is available in smooth and textured finishes. While the long, narrow planks deliver the look of traditional strip hardwood, the “smart” hardwood eliminates the appearance of gaps between planks and makes it more comfortable and stable underfoot.

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