The Least Expensive Flooring Options Are Durable and Long-Lasting (laminate)

Laminate Flooring As Cost Effective And Long Lasting Alternative

Shopping for flooring can be overwhelming due to the number of options available.

Carpet, custom hardwood, vinyl, and engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto are all popular choices which are available at a number of price points and feature numerous advantages. However, when it comes to cost, laminate is the least expensive flooring option because it is extremely durable and long lasting. At Chestnut Flooring, we carry a wide range of modern, durable laminate flooring from leading Canadian and European manufacturers.


At Chestnut Flooring we carry high quality laminate which meets today’s high industry standards.

While aesthetically speaking, our quality high density fiberboard (HDF) laminate mimics natural hardwood flooring, it is much more water resistant due to its density. HDF laminate is treated with a melamine resin which means that it is resistant to cupping, a concern with low grade laminate floors. Our laminate also features a high quality urethane which ensures that it is scratch and stain resistant, further contributing to its durability.
Although laminate’s durability and longevity makes it the least expensive flooring option, it is important to recognize that the quality of laminate will vary depending on the manufacturer. At Chestnut Flooring in Toronto, we only carry the highest quality AC5 grade laminate flooring from top Canadian and European manufacturers so you can feel confident in the strength, resilience, and exceptional value of your laminate flooring. To learn more, we invite you to visit our showroom to see our extensive selection of laminate flooring options.

When it comes time to select a new flooring material, one of the most important considerations should be its durability.

Although the upfront cost of carpet and vinyl may be less, laminate’s durability makes it the most cost-effective option. Because laminate is fade resistant, scratch resistant, and burn resistant, it is incredibly easy to care for and will continue to look beautiful for many years to come. While spills on carpets or hardwood can be devastating, as the liquid can stain or penetrate the surface, spills or leaks can be easily wiped clean on laminate flooring. This makes it an ideal flooring solution for high traffic areas in busy households or commercial spaces. Thus, laminate’s resilient nature makes it an incredibly carefree option as it can easily be kept clean with occasional sweeping or mopping.


Since flooring is an important design feature in any home and is designed to last for many years, it should be viewed as an investment in your home. Laminate floors are an excellent way to maximize your investment, as they are designed to be incredibly long lasting. While the initial cost of materials such as carpet is smaller, in most cases, carpet needs to be replaced every seven to ten years because its fibers break down and begin to show signs of wear. Conversely, our laminate flooring comes with a manufacturers warranty of 25 years, which means you can have peace of mind in the longevity of your investment.


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