Hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring options around, as they add overall value to your home. Real hardwood is also the optimal choice for homeowners because it can add a traditional or contemporary aesthetic as well as overall warmth to the space. Areas that most people look to when choosing hardwood floors are price, stain colour, and grain visibility. However, the length of the wooden plank itself can greatly impact the look you are going for. As this is something to seriously consider when choosing wood floors, here are the four main benefits of installing extra long hardwood floor planks.

They Have Style

The length of your hardwood plank can make a huge difference in terms of style. The aesthetic that you are looking to achieve will depend heavily on the flooring your choose, especially if it will be installed throughout your entire home. Are you going for an elegant, clean and modern flooring design for your home? Then you’ll want to go for a much longer plank length, something that exceeds the average length of three feet. Wood planks that are the average length or shorter will create a busier look that screams vintage or traditional flooring.

How Important is Quality?

If the quality of your hardwood planks is the most important to you, then pay close attention. All natural wood materials include the unique characteristics of knots, streaks, grains, and other markings. Wood of a higher grade or quality will not have as much of those details, as manufacturers tend to remove them during the process of creating shorter planks. However, if you are looking for hardwood floors that are extra long and contain those unique characteristics, then longer, lower grade planks are the best option for you. Not only will you get exactly what you are looking for, but lower grade planks are also more affordable.

The Price is Right

With longer hardwood planks come lower prices, as mentioned before. This means that if you are on a tight budget, then this should be something to seriously consider as a money saver. You will not have to sacrifice appearance when choosing a longer plank, and boards that are around seven feet and longer can save you a pretty penny. In many cases, the shorter the board, the more expensive they can become. However, this is also highly dependant on where you purchase your wood planks.

Faster Installation

When you have a longer or wider hardwood plank, the installation process tends to be a fast one. Why is that? Because it takes less time installing longer planks that take up more room rather than shorter planks. In the time it takes you or a professional to install three or four shorter planks, you could install one long plank before moving on. Choosing a longer hardwood floor plank that is also wider than three inches, the standard width of a wooden board, will make the job go even quicker.

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