Summer is back again. Everything good, everything magical happens in summer. Family, friends, sun, sand and sea – this is what summer is all about. If you love ice-cream, the summer season should be your favorite. This is the season we spend more time outdoors. However, you might as well put the free time to installing the new floors you have been thinking about. Now, you don’t need to sweat much on what flooring styles you should adopt. Here are some tips on the summer flooring trends you should consider.

1. Lighter Flooring Shades:


As the warmer season is on, everything feels lighter and breezy. The need to switch knit sweaters to linen shirts, hot lattes to iced coffee, applies to renovation. You can switch from the dark floor to light floor. This will make your space feel more prominent and less busy. As the sun shines, brighter shades of floor such as pecan and blonde will help illuminate the room by reflecting more light than darker floors. Bamboo, laminate and oak are a good range of materials to provide lighter shades.

2. Touch of Grey


Grey floorings are trending these days. It seems you cannot watch a Home Renovation TV show without seeing them. Regardless of the wood preference, whether high-end hardwood or low-cost laminate, grey floorings are preferred. Based on an online search, it seems this flooring has come to stay, at least for now. This is because grey floors work well against many backdrops – be it shades of white, earth tones, pastels or any other bright colors, they are a perfect fit for grey flooring.

3. Neutral Colored Floor


Color experts know how to evaluate minute differences in shades and tones which can be easily missed by an untrained eye. These design experts have often suggested their color finesse to natural-hued spaces. Taupes are one of such favorite neutral shades. A neutral color scheme usually relies on a layered composition of sophisticated and muted color tones. Neutral room produces its warmth through various textures alongside warm metals such as brass and bronze.

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