Why You Should Sand and Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Whether in a home that is newly built or has been in your family for years, Toronto hardwood flooring owners have found that the best way to keep their floors looking fresh and appealing is to keep them refinished.

As is the case in many busy families, hardwood floors see much traffic resulting in wear and tear.


Refinishing Flooring

Flooring can be resurfaced, or unsightly marks can be covered with a throw rug or an entire carpet, but why would you want to hide that natural beauty? In Toronto, hardwood flooring lovers have found that while it can be a little time-consuming, the benefits of refinishing far outweigh the cons. Researching your project with the help of professionals and investing a short time and money can do wonders for once lack-lustre floors and help to maintain their durability for another season. If you’re still unsure of the benefits, read on:

Regular maintenance prevents permanent damage

You can’t always see what’s happening beneath the surface of your hardwood flooring. Moisture, lack of consistent humidity and general wear and tear can gradually impact the long-term durability of your hardwood flooring. Regular refinishing can reveal damage and allow you to take preventative steps to ensure you enjoy the elegance and charm of hardwood flooring for years to come.

There’s a pay-off to refinishing

Hardwood flooring owners have reported a positive impact on the resale value of their house. Potential home-buyers love the look of well-maintained flooring. It gives the immediate impression that you care enough to keep your hardwood flooring in immaculate shape. Based on this, the buyer can trust the integrity of the rest of the home’s structure. A little investment in time and money will provide high dividends in the long run.

You have the prerogative to change your mind

Perhaps your hardwood not only needs a new shine, but an entirely new look! Today, hardwood flooring has become a creative adventure. Once known for its basic, traditional look, this type of flooring has evolved to include colours, washes and designs, allowing the owner to keep up with the latest trends in fashion-flooring. While it can be expensive, it’s still cheaper to refurbish than replace your flooring. We hope this has inspired you to consider refinishing your hardwood floors. Contact the experts at Chestnut Flooring for advice and a beautiful selection of flooring for your home.

Reduce clean-time


Do It Yourself

Conversely, if you do fancy yourself a DIY expert, site-finishing may be the way to go. If you have the time, tools, and workspace, you can enjoy the creativity of designing your unique flooring pattern, style and colour that will complement the rest of your home’s décor and character. While site-finishing can be an arduous task, the confident handy person is free to customize to their heart’s content. There’s an endless possibility for techniques including herringbone, inlays, and contrasting edges. The boards can be sealed snugly and form a resilient barrier. Hopefully, this has given you some information to make an informed decision. The bottom line is that you’re looking for elegant yet durable flooring for your home. The key factors to consider when making this decision are the cost, you’re willing to invest and the level of expertise you feel you possess. If you’re a creative designer or home-owner, site-finished can be a satisfying choice. If you’d rather leave it to the experts, a pre-finished floor can allow you to select the toughest, long-lasting sealants without any fuss. Chestnut Flooring has the floor specialists you need to answer questions and help guide your design. Call us or come in to our expansive showroom today.

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