Why Are We Seeing More Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan Condos?

Hardwood is an eternal favourite flooring material because nothing else can match its combination of durability, elegance, and style.

Real, solid wood floors are eye-catching ways to beautify any room and lighter colours of wood can actually make a space appear larger. These reasons are why you are seeing more and more people opt for hardwood flooring in Vaughan condominiums. Not only does hardwood make a space enjoyable for existing owners, it’s a great way to boost resale value. Regardless of whether your condo is an investment property or current abode, hardwood can easily enhance your long-term enjoyment and the strength of your investment.

Hardwood Flooring Vaughan

Condo Logistics for Hardwood

Installing hardwood floors in a condo requires more preparation and planning than in a residential home. This is due to a combination of various condo board rules, booking elevators and service entrances, parking arrangements, and the logistics of transporting the wood planks themselves. Here are some pointers to keep in mind so you don’t get caught unawares when installing Vaughan hardwood flooring in your condo.

Get Engineered Hardwood:

Most condos have concrete subfloors so you will more likely than not need to use engineered hardwood for your renovation. This is because engineered hardwood can be glued directly onto the concrete, as opposed to solid wood, which would require additional steps to make and support a plywood base.

Book the Elevator:

Some condo boards limit the hours workers can spend in your condo or may only allow work to be done during specific windows. There may also be limits on the types of tools and equipment that can be set up in your condo or on the balcony. For the purposes of installing hardwood floors, this means you need to check and see if a band saws or chop saws can be used in your condo. If not, then the cutting will have to be done in the parking lot and additional arrangements have to be made.

It’s best to assume that you won’t be able to carry the wood boards up the stairs and will need to use the elevator unless you live on the second floor. This means that timing of the work needs to be known well ahead of time so you can make the necessary bookings. It’s a good rule of thumb to add some flex time onto any estimations so you don’t find yourself scrambling.

Check Working Hours and Tool Restrictions

Choosing Vaughan Hardwood Flooring

Get a Site Visit:

Having your contractor visit your condo beforehand goes a long way in making sure the final job goes smoothly. During the site visit, remove a section of the carpet or existing flooring to expose the subfloor. This will let your inspector know whether the subfloor requires additional prep work before the hardwood flooring can be installed.

Get a Sound Barrier:

Concrete absorbs and spreads sound waves so you will need to get a sound barrier to place over top of the subfloor. This can come in the form of an underlay or even sound-absorbing glue. Your condo board can help you learn the required Impact Insulation Class and Sound Transmission Class ratings.

Don’t Be Discouraged:

These additional steps can seem daunting at first glance but it is important not to let yourself get overwhelmed. Choosing Vaughan hardwood flooring in your condo is a great investment and even if you aren’t familiar with the process, condo boards and our flooring experts are. Take advantage of our help at Chestnut Flooring to ease the journey towards your renovation.

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