Which Toronto Hardwood Flooring Finish is Right For You? Wire Brushed, Oil Finished or Distressed?

The finish is one of the most significant parts of a floor’s appearance.

Whether your Toronto hardwood flooring is subdued, bold, complimentary, or contrasting can be changed by the type of finish employed. To that end, here are some novel types of finish that go beyond traditional stains and can offer unique opportunities for personal expression.

Distressed Finish

A subtle effect

A distressed floor is the result of using wood scraping, etching, liming, colour washing, and other techniques to make the surface look weathered and rugged. It is similar to wire brushing in that the end goal is to create a more rustic-looking surface. It is also similar since distressed floors are likewise good at covering up scratches or dirt. The practice differs in that a distressed floor has likely undergone more work than a wire brushed one. Wood scraping, for instance, is a meticulous process that aims to make each plank appear handcrafted. Whereas wire brushing strives to make the wood appear aged, distressing techniques strive to invoke the feeling of a unique, rare piece. You can, for instance, get distressed floors that mimic the board-to-board differences of a classic farmhouse. There is a lot of variation to be had and distressing techniques can be used in any number of combinations to make the effect as subtle or apparent as you wish.

A “Homey” look

A wire brushed finish is the result of applying stain with a thick-bristled brush. The process leaves careful scratches in the wood that add a sense of age and rustic quality. It’s similar to the visual effect of pre-worn jeans: a means of making the floor look rugged and lived-in rather than glossy and crisp. The wire brush look makes a room look more “homey” or welcoming. As an added bonus for, the wire brush scratches do a surprisingly good job of hiding newer scratches along with dust and dirt. This alone makes a wire brush finish worth considering for anyone with small children or pets that like to scamper across hardwood flooring in Toronto.

Wire Brushed Finish

Oil Finishes

The stylish benefits

To understand the stylish benefits of oil finish, it helps to get a refresher on how typical urethane finishes operate. Urethane finishes rest on top of Toronto hardwood flooring and forms a protective barrier. This guards the wood underneath but can obstruct the wood’s natural appearance, usually by altering the colour or texture. Oil finishes do not rest on the surface. They soak into the wood and bond with the material at a molecular level. This impregnates the wood with the resilience of the finish but without interfering with its natural appearance. As an added benefit, oil finishes can create a patina that will age alongside the wood, meaning it will never dull in the same manner as urethane finishes. These properties mean oil finishes are ideal for any homeowner that enjoys the natural look of their hardwood floors but still wants the protection of a good finish.

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