What is The Difference Between Pre-Finished and Site-Finished Hardwood Flooring in Vaughan?

Do you know the difference between Vaughan hardwood flooring types?

You may have already decided on the luxury of hardwood for your home, but the information available when shopping can be overwhelming. Pre-finished, site-finished; the choice is tricky. To make an informed decision, hardwood flooring customers can consider their level of expertise. How handy are you?



As the name suggests, pre-finished hardwood flooring is just that; it’s flooring that has been sanded and sealed at the manufacturer. The choice of wood, the coating and the subfloor it will be placed upon, once determined, will be processed by the manufacturer. It’s an ideal solution for Vaughan hardwood flooring customers who don’t want the extra labour and inconvenience of doing that labour in their home.


Site, or, on-site finishing means installing the floorboards then sanding and sealing them after. While pre-finished can be more expensive because work is being done for you, in the long run, it may be cheaper, as experienced technicians doing the heavy lifting and handling the mess lessens the chances for error and time-consuming cleanup.

What are the pros and cons of each?

In Vaughan, hardwood flooring enthusiasts have noted that pre-finished materials take the guesswork and fear out of creating a beautiful and luxurious look to their home. While humidity and moisture significantly impact the durability of any hardwood, a pre-finished manufacturing job lessens this risk, as it’s already been dried, coated, and treated for the elements. Knowing what subflooring wood will be placed over helps guide you in your choice of hardwood and finish. Additionally, the homeowner who chooses pre-finished won’t have to deal with the mess and odour of applying varnish, paint, or sealing coat.

Pros and Cons


Do It Yourself

Conversely, if you do fancy yourself a DIY expert, site-finishing may be the way to go. If you have the time, tools, and workspace, you can enjoy the creativity of designing your unique flooring pattern, style and colour that will complement the rest of your home’s décor and character. While site-finishing can be an arduous task, the confident handy person is free to customize to their heart’s content. There’s an endless possibility for techniques including herringbone, inlays, and contrasting edges. The boards can be sealed snugly and form a resilient barrier. Hopefully, this has given you some information to make an informed decision. The bottom line is that you’re looking for elegant yet durable flooring for your home. The key factors to consider when making this decision are the cost, you’re willing to invest and the level of expertise you feel you possess. If you’re a creative designer or home-owner, site-finished can be a satisfying choice. If you’d rather leave it to the experts, a pre-finished floor can allow you to select the toughest, long-lasting sealants without any fuss. Chestnut Flooring has the floor specialists you need to answer questions and help guide your design. Call us or come in to our expansive showroom today.

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