What are the 3 Easiest Ways to Keep Your Vaughan Hardwood Flooring Gleaming?

As you are finishing up your home renovations, there are some important considerations regarding care and maintenance that you should think about before you begin to enjoy your new home.

If you have chosen to install natural Vaughan hardwood flooring, you will get to experience the classic and timeless beauty of Mother Nature in your own home. After the time, effort and money put into the installation of such beautiful floors, you may be wondering how you should be caring for your floors so that the natural hardwood maintains its beauty and gleam over the years to come.

Reduce the Dirt

Here, we will provide you with 3 simple and easy ways to keep your Vaughan hardwood flooring:

Tip #1: Always take your shoes off when walking on the hardwood.

When you step on the hardwood flooring with dirty shoes that are carrying dirt, sand and grit, you are tracking and leaving the grime behind on the floors. These particles are abrasive and can ruin the hardwood floors by getting into seams and causing scratches. In addition to removing your shoes, to prevent damage to your hardwood floors, we recommend placing maths both outside and inside exterior doors to help reduce the dirt that gets tracked in. When the weather becomes rainy or snowy, it is also a good idea to include a boot removal area in order to minimize damage from water and de-icers.

Tip #2: If you find scratches on your hardwood floor, camouflage it effectively with a crayon.

Finally, once you have finished cleaning your hardwood floors, you may see some scratches. Do not fear, there is a simple trick to attempt for hiding these flaws. Take a crayon that matches the colour of your floors and rub it into the scratch to fill the gap. Then take a blow dryer to heat the area. To finish it off, buff this spot with a soft spot and your hardwood floors will be as good as new!

Before washing the hardwood floors, be sure to clear the surface of any dirt and grime

Washing your Vaughan hardwood floors are important and crucial for keeping the shine, however, before you get down to mopping with a damp cloth, make sure to vacuum or use a dust mop to remove all the dirt and grit. If you do choose to use a dust mop, we suggest using a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent to help pick up dust, dirt and pet hair. Any remaining particles can be rubbed against your floors when you wash the floors, causing scratches and dents. For the occasional deep cleaning of built-up dirt, oil and grime over time, the best solution that we recommend for hardwood floors is one cup of vinegar mixed with one gallon of water. You can immerse a clean mop into this cleaning solution. Before washing the floors, ensure that you wring the mop well so that it is at a level of damp-dry. For the best results, mop the floors in the direction of the floorboards. This will prevent the appearance of water streaks. After you are done mopping, you should use a soft, clean towel to dry the floors. As an extra little tip for shiny floors, you can attempt this: steep one bag of tea in two cups of boiling water. Once it comes to room temperature, remove the tea bag and wipe the floors clean with this solution using a damp cloth. The tannic acid in tea helps bring out the sparkle in your hardwood floors.

Before Washing

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