Vaughan Hardwood Flooring – Still a Valuable Investment in 2018

Hardwood floors are sometimes seen as an expensive option but the truth is that they are an amazing investment in any home.

Not only can hardwood floors outlast other options by decades or even centuries, but it also adds value to property and versatile style to any room. Take a look below and see why hardwood flooring in Vaughan remains an ideal investment in 2018.

Durability of Vaughan Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is Long-Lasting

There are 300 year-old buildings that still have their original hardwood floors. This example isn’t an outlier, either. With proper care, any hardwood surface cast easily withstand decades of use and beyond. Simple steps like regular dusting and wiping up spills quickly are enough to help keep your hardwood floor going strong for generations. A family can stay in the same home for generations without needing to install a new floor.

Incidentally, this longevity also makes hardwood one of the more cost-effective options in the long term. Other types of floors will need to be replaced within a few decades but hardwood can stay strong well after its competitors have been pulled up and redone.

Hardwood is Never Out of Style

Long-term value is great, but it might not persuade someone who plans on moving down the line. Fortunately, hardwood floors are highly desirable and do wonders to increase a home’s resale value. As an added benefit, In Vaughan, hardwood flooring can help a house sell faster as well. The exact level of added value is hard to quantify but some estimates have put homes with hardwood floor selling for 10% more than their non-wood counterparts. This is a return on investment that can easily exceed the initial cost of the installation.

Interior design is like fashion and trends will wax and wane as time passes. Styles that are the Hottest Thing today might seem awkward or quaint in just a few years. Hardwood’s popularity has never faded and its appearance is versatile enough to compliment any number of furniture styles and colour combinations. If you get a hardwood floor, you can be confident that you won’t have to replace it as tastes change because, unlike post-modernism, hardwood floors will always be in vogue.

Hardwood Adds Value

Hardwood is Healthier

Hardwood flooring can also be an investment in your family’s health.

Carpets may be comfy and soft but the fibres are traps for dust, allergens, and germs. This dirt and debris can get worked in enough that even a vacuum won’t suck it all out. As a consequence, the indoor air quality of your home will suffer over time. Children or those with allergies or respiratory issues are particularly vulnerable. In sharp contrast, hardwood flooring in Vaughan offers a smooth, flat surface that can be easily swept or vacuumed and offers no places for pathogens or allergens to hide.

Hardwood floors metaphorically and literally add warmth to a room. As a building material, wood has five times the insulating capacity as concrete. Hardwood continues to show its insulating chops when used as a floor. It can retain heat from HVAC systems or radiant heat and help promote the overall comfort and physical warmth of a room.

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