Vaughan Hardwood Flooring Finishes are Safer Than Ever for the Environment

The beauty and performance of Vaughan hardwood flooring is largely dependent on its finishing.

While these are very important considerations for homeowners, the health of their families and overall environmental impact are also significant factors to consider when choosing hardwood floors. Luckily, Vaughan hardwood flooring finishes are more eco-friendly and safer than ever.

Floor Finishing Products

When purchasing products for a home renovation project, it is important to know what it is you are buying.

Be sure to read the labels and ask questions. Some keywords to keep an eye out for is “volatile organize compounds”, or commonly known as VOCs. These are listed as grams per litre and can help you determine the environmental impact of a product. Lower VOCs content is better for the environment and pose a lower health risk. There will be some products that claim to be zero-VOCs finish for hardwood flooring, this means that the VOCs content is below 5 grams per litre. For finishes that are considered as low-VOCs, they will contain less than 200 grams per litre of VOCs. It is important to understand that while paints, stains and other hardwood finishes can emit VOCs, there is a wide array of other household products that are also culprits of VOCs emission, including carpeting, electronics and cosmetics.

Fortunately, with current technological advances for home renovations and hardwood flooring, many of today’s products are better and safer.

In the past, it was almost impossible to find a high-quality hardwood finish that did not emit VOCs during its application and its lifetime, however zero- and low-VOCs finishes can now deliver the same high-quality, durability and performance. Unlike their predecessors, most zero- and low-VOC finishes are water-based with no solvents, making them safe for people and the environment. These types of finishes are also easier to apply since they dry quickly, and clean-ups require only soap and water. Finally, the disposal of zero- and low-VOCs finishes is relatively straightforward. You can simply open the containers in a well-ventilated area to allow it to dry before disposing them in the trash. Beyond the finishes for hardwood floors, homeowners can also select natural paints, stains and sealers which are all made with eco-friendly and safe ingredients including water, plant extracts and minerals that VOC-free.

Zero & Low-VOC Finishes

Increase Moisture Resistance

When looking to renew your Vaughan hardwood floors, you can either choose the prefinished, manufactured products or go the DIY route.

With manufactured goods, most now use ultraviolet light to cure several coats of low-VOCs polyurethane finish. Some even add small amounts of aluminum oxide into the finish to increase its durability. If you are interested in trying a DIY project, you should know that there are two basic types of finishes for hardwood: those that penetrate the wood and those that are only on the surface. The stains and finishes that penetrate wood create protective seal and provides colour. They typically include linseed, tung and specialty oils. The finishes for hardwood that are surface provide a protective layer as a topcoat, allowing for increased durability and resistance to moisture. These products will be composed of polyurethanes, paints, shellac, varnish, lacquer and wax, which allows for easier maintenance while being eco-friendly. Therefore, refinishing your Vaughan hardwood flooring restores its beauty can be a home renovation project that is environmentally-conscious and safe. For more information, come in to Chestnut Flooring where you can speak to professionals.

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