Vaughan Hardwood Flooring Creates Healthy Home Atmosphere

Vaughan Hardwood floors are known for creating elegant, comforting atmosphere that can unite a room’s design.

In addition to adding a natural, organic feel to a room’s appearance, hardwood flooring is known to promote a healthy atmosphere in a much more literal sense. There are many types of hardwood flooring in Vaughan and each can offer their own way to promote durable, long-lasting effects that can support the environment and promote indoor air quality.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood floors are made of multiple plywood layers at the core with a top layer of real hardwood. The result is visually identical to full hardwood planks, which is good since engineered wood makes full use of leftover scraps in the laminate core. This means engineered wood cuts down on forestry demands and is good with radiant heat as well for an added dose of comfort to your interior atmosphere.


Pine floors are largely associated with rural areas but it’s a perfectly suitable material for any location. From a home atmosphere perspective, pine is softer than other woods and is easier on the feet. The wood’s raw beauty and warm tone don’t hurt, either. From an environmental angle, it is also fairly easy to find locally sourced and FSC-certified pine in Canada.

Healthier Alternative to Polyurethane

Traditional, solid hardwood is what most people think of when they consider wood floors and offer long-lasting natural appeal. It is easier to find solid hardwood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international certification program that notes products, which promote sustainable harvesting practices. Treating solid hardwood flooring with oil instead of polyurethane makes it easier to repair and leaves a stronger, overall healthier impact.


Cork is harvested from oak bark so the tree itself is left alone. This makes cork one of the most sustainable types of wood flooring available, especially when you consider how many types of cork flooring contains recycled materials (usually wine corks). Cork contains natural air pockets that contribute to the material’s soft, foot-friendly properties and it can even muffle sounds to cut down on noise pollution. Despite these unique aspects, cork floors are finished and maintained in the same way as other wood.

Solid Hardwood

Reclaimed Wood

It’s best to think of reclaimed wood as “recycling plus”.

Reclaimed hardwood is made of old floor planks or even barn walls that have been disassembled. Not only does reclaimed wood let you harness materials that would’ve been thrown out instead of revitalized, but it adds an extra dose of history to your room’s atmosphere.

River-salvaged is a subcategory of reclaimed wood. Back in the earlier days of Canada, wood was often transported by river and it wasn’t uncommon to lose shipments below the surface. River-salvaged wood is what you get when these older trees are fished up and milled. Now, common knowledge says that wood and water don’t mix well, but it turns out that keeping a tree submerged for a few hundred years creates a richer colour and higher quality. Salvaged wood doesn’t even have extra maintenance concerns—you can treat it like any other type of Vaughan hardwood flooring.

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