Vaughan Hardwood Flooring – Changing the Color, Maintaining the Beauty

Vaughan hardwood flooring can offer elegance and class to virtually any room of the home.

However, despite its timelessness, sometimes you just feel the need for a change in aesthetics. A great way to do so is to change the colour of your hardwood flooring, while maintaining its beauty. Many homeowners are unaware that the colour of hardwood floors can be changes when you refinish them – it is true that you can go from light to dark to red tones. To change the colour, the process involves sanding and refinishing your floors. Depending on if you have solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, this may or may not be possible. If you are able to, then here is the process for sanding and refinishing quality hardwood flooring for a new stain colour and aesthetic.

Change the Colour

Using a sanding machine, sand the floor

We suggest three sanding sessions, each with finer grits to ensure a smooth surface that will properly accept the polyurethane finish and stain for long-lasting results. If done correctly, the wood should essentially resemble new, raw hardwood.

After sanding, you can add a stain.

You can choose from a light stain, a dark stain or a mid-color stain depending on your renovations. As every floor is different based on wood species, grade and age, the stain will need to be tested before its application. Each wood will accept the stain differently because it is a natural product with intrinsic color variations. Another option at this point is to “go natural” and skip the stain.

Add a Polyurethane Layer

This is typically 2-3 coats of polyurethane. With an oil-based polyurethane, each layer will take approximately 24 hours to dry, and you should buff the floors after the second coat is applied. This will smooth the floors and help the wood absorb the polyurethane. When selecting the polyurethane, look for the type of finish or sheen that you wish. This can be matte, satin, semi-glossy or glossy. Currently, satin is the trendiest option with over 90% of homeowners going for it. This is because a satin finish is very good at hiding scratches compare to a glossy finish.

Refinishing your Floors

Appearance of your Hardwood

Although dark hardwood is extremely popular and delivers beautiful results, it is not recommended for small spaces as it can make the room appear smaller or even cramped.

Now that you are more inclined to change the colour of your hardwood flooring, you are probably wondering how light can you go with hardwood. Well, this depends on the type of hardwood that you have installed as flooring. Unless you decide to bleach or use white wash finished, the lightest colour you can achieve with your Vaughan hardwood floors is natural with no stain. The resulting colour is the hardwood with a clear layer of polyurethane. For example, if you have pine hardwood floors then the final outcome will be light while if you have walnut hardwood floors, the result will be a dark brown. If you do want to go lighter with bleach or a white wash finish, you should know that the process can cause slight damage to the wood. It is very important to remember that you must sand the hardwood floors in order to change its colour. Simply adding stain or paint on top will not look aesthetically pleasing or be durable. If you have any questions about changing the appearance of your Vaughan hardwood flooring, please drop by Chestnut Flooring for some professional insights.

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