Top 5 Questions To Ask When Buying Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Hardwood flooring in Toronto – don’t decide until you answer these questions!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Planning to install hardwood flooring may involve some stressful decision making, depending on your needs, your taste and budget. This beautiful, classic flooring material holds its value and lends an unparalleled, warm aesthetic to any home. In Toronto, hardwood flooring comes in a significant variety of types, finishes, plank widths and colours. Choosing the right one for you will be easier when you talk to a professional flooring expert. They can ask you a few critical questions to get to the heart of what your needs and expectations are. If you’re setting out to shop for wood floor options, take our list of questions with you to make the whole process more comfortable.

Resilient Material

1. Which wood species do you want?

Softer options like Douglas Fir and Pine look great and perform well in low-traffic areas for affordable hardwood flooring in Toronto. Brazilian Walnut and Oak are suitable for high traffic zones as they are harder, denser woods. You should choose a material that is hard and resilient enough for the destined location. Specialists can help paint a picture for you and narrow down your options.

2. What’s the best wood floor choice for homes with pets?

The type of flooring which is most natural for your pet’s feet and quickest to clean up will likely appeal to you if you have fur-people in your home. If you’re mindful of paws with sharp nails scratching the floor’s surface, you’ll want to select woods on the harder end of the scale. Oak, rather than pine, is more likely to resist gouges and scuffs. Also, choose a floor type that’s finished withoil-based polymer finish, instead of water poly. You may even want an extra coat of protection after installation to safeguard against nicks and moisture from accidents. Because dark floors tend to show dust, hair and scratches more readily, you’ll do well to choose a light tone and avoid shiny finishes. Pale planks with a matte finish will hide all manner of hair and dirt so you can relax and enjoy your space.

For more on this topic, see our Guide to pet friendly flooring

3. Is professional installation worth the cost?

You may be under the impression that installing a hardwood floor is much like a puzzle or lego- simply lay the pieces all down together. Unfortunately, even a simple installation can go downhill fast without experience and the correct tools. There’s artistry that goes into seamless, perfectly laid floors. As well, consideration for temperature, humidity, the underfloor preparation, must all be done professionally, or you could have problems down the line. When you invest a significant sum on luxurious hardwood floors , you’re likely picturing a flawless finish once the job is done. To ensure that’s the result you get, it’s well worth having professionals install your floor.

4. What width or plank do you want?

Each customer has preferences unique to them,and hardwood floors really aren’t one size fits all. Traditional plank widths in older homes are often 2 ¼” wide. Today, this may be considered dated looking in a modern space,and most people select 3-1/4” or 4” planks. It’s helpful to visit showrooms and see as many examples as possible. When it comes to plank width and even colours- you’ll be the best judge of what you like.

Perfectly Laid Floors

High-Quality Result

5. Is on-site or factory finish best?

It can come pre-finished or can be finished in your home after installation. Factory finished planks are installed faster and may come with a harder, more durable coating because hardeners are used to complete the topcoat. While these boards may cost less and be in place faster, they can show edges and imperfections more easily. On-site finishing takes longer and may be messy and costly,butthis is howwe achieve a watertight seal and tight, smooth seams. It’s standard to pre-finish engineered flooring, but depending on the top layer, you could also have professionals finish it in your home for a high-quality result.

Buying flooring can be both exciting and complicated due to the many practical and design-related questions people have. Take your questions to the pros who know flooring best. Call Chestnut Flooring today.

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