Three Reasons Hardwood Flooring in Toronto is Eco-Friendly

Hardwood flooring provides classic beauty and elegance in any room of the home.

Modern consumers may wonder if this staple elegant material is appropriate for the eco-conscious generation. From the food we eat to the cleaning products we use; eco-friendly choices are becoming more mainstream as consumers increase their demand. In Toronto, hardwood flooring is a great investment that can stand the test of time. If you care deeply about the environmental impact of your choices, hardwood is a top eco-friendly choice for three primary reasons.

The Natural Material

1. Hardwood can be sustainably sourced

The deforestation of our planet is a major concern in conversations about the environment, and some people assume that genuine hardwood floors contribute to this problem. While the natural material obviously requires a tree to be cut down and processed, there are sustainable options.

Managed forests produce wood that is harvested responsibly so that trees are continually replaced, and the forest continues to exist for future generations. Unlike illegal tree cutting or unsustainable logging practices, responsible forestry protects watersheds and wildlife to ensure that eco-systems remain intact while providing a continual source of hardwood. This modern approach to farming lumber also benefits the environment because new trees produce more oxygen than old growth and can absorb vast amounts of carbon emissions.

2. Hardwood is waste-free

You can feel good about your choice of flooring with hardwood because none of the tree is wasted during the manufacturing process. Bark, branches, and sawdust can be used to provide energy to processing facilities, and less energy is burned to produce wood products than other materials like steel and concrete. When your flooring eventually requires replacement, hardwood can be recycled so that at every stage of your floor’s lifecycle your environmental conscience stays clear.

3. Hardwood is a long-term investment

The beauty of genuine hardwood floors is undeniable, but there is great value in its durability as well. With proper care, your Toronto hardwood flooring can last for generations, even up to 100 years. This has a great impact on the environment because unlike laminate or vinyl, you won’t need to replace your floors every ten years. This in turn reduces the consumption of natural resources on our planet.

Environmental Conscience

Harvesting Less Wood

Additional considerations : Solid vs engineered hardwood

Homeowners recognize that both types of Toronto hardwood flooring are beautiful and durable, and both will increase the value of your home, but which is more eco-friendly?

Solid hardwood is advantageous because it can be refinished many more times than engineered boards and therefore lasts longer. However, the amount of wood that is used in a single solid hardwood plank can provide multiple boards of engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood can be refinished 4-6 times depending on the thickness of the natural wood layer.

Both options can be sustainably produced, but engineered hardwood is usually considered “greener” because it requires harvesting less wood.

At Chestnut flooring, we are proud to offer eco-friendly custom hardwood solutions because we value sustainability as well as beauty. Call us today to book a consultation and explore our beautiful hardwood options.

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