The Do Not List When It Comes to Caring for Your Vaughan Hardwood Flooring

Congratulations on finishing your home renovations complete with beautiful and timeless hardwood floors.

As you enjoy your new living spaces, you will need to also learn how to care and maintain your Vaughan hardwood flooring as it is an important investment for the home. Unfortunately, many homeowners sabotage and ruin their hardwood floors without even realizing. This results in the need for costly and difficult repairs to restore the beauty of their natural hardwood. To prevent this tragedy from happening to you and your new Vaughan hardwood flooring, we have compiled a list of seven “do not” practices that people mistakenly do that leads to damage of their hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors Cleaning Frequency

Not cleaning the floors frequently

Sweeping or vacuuming the floors on a regular basis is essential for the removal of dust, dirt, debris and crumbs. All of these minute particles seem small but can make a big impact on your floors. These particles are actually quite abrasive against the hardwood and can cause scratches over time. Unfortunately, most floors do not get cleaned frequently enough. Be sure to sweep your hardwood floors several times a week to prevent scratches, especially in living spaces that are busy and active like the kitchen.

Cleaning with incorrect vacuum attachments

Although we do encourage frequent vacuuming of floors to prevent damage and scratches, these efforts can be counterproductive if the wrong attachments for vacuums are used. Incorrect brushes can actually do more harm than good because some brushes are extremely abrasive as well. Take some time to figure out which is the best and most recommended attachment to use with your vacuum when cleaning your hardwood floors.

Improper mopping techniques

Mopping is suggested on an occasional basis to keep your hardwood floors looking fresh, free of marks and odors. However, mopping can be tricky because water and wood simply do not mix well together. It is important to clean your wooden floors with a damp-dry cloth only and to leave no amount of moisture behind as that will cause water damage to your beautiful hardwood.

Cleaning with harsh products

Using the wrong cleaner on your Vaughan hardwood flooring can destroy and strip it of its brilliance. Not all cleaners on a store shelf are appropriate or recommended for cleaning hardwood floors. This is also the same with waxes and polishes. Before purchasing and using such products, be sure to do some research and ask questions.

Proper Cleaning Products


Not wiping up spills immediately

When a spill happens on a hardwood floor, it must be addressed immediately as they can cause damage if left to sit. A spill can lead to a permanent stain that damages the integrity of your hardwood floors. In addition to spills, you should also take note of any moisture accumulation that occurs such as leaky windows, planters that are recently watered and house pets.

Letting objects leave scratches

Visible scratches on your beautiful Vaughan hardwood flooring can be heartbreaking. Unfortunately, they are easily caused, even by everyday objects. The ultimate culprit for scratches is furniture, so make sure that chairs, tables, couches and other pieces of furniture are fitted with coasters. Scratches can also be created by wearing shoes indoors or pets with long claws.

Not using rugs or mats

When we step into our homes with shoes, we track in a lot of dirt, dust and debris from all the places that we walk to. These particles can cause abrasive damages to your hardwood floors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep rugs or doormats throughout the home.

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