Quick And Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful material that brings a luxurious feeling to any room.

It has often carried a reputation for being high-maintenance, but the reality is that all flooring choices require a certain level of care. Different types of wood and finishes will have unique requirements, but these best practices below will help to get you started. As you’ll see, with the right tools and a regular cleaning routine, you can easily keep your hardwood flooring in Toronto looking beautiful!

Regular Sweeping And Care

Avoid damaging the finish

Most people like to do a light sweep or dry mop at least once every few days to keep things tidy. If you have pets, then you might sweep more regularly to avoid dust bunnies from their fur and dander. You can vacuum hardwood if you wish but ensure that if your vacuum has a beater bar, it is high enough to avoid damaging the finish. Attend to spills promptly and clean them with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Hardwood is a natural material, and it is intrinsically subject to some degree of expansion and contraction with moisture so you will want to avoid drenching your floors. With that said, hardwood flooring in Toronto is covered with a protective finish, so you do not need to panic over spills – just promptly dry them, and you can use mats or rugs to protect entryways and other areas that are subject to damp and dirt being tracked in.

Removing the dust and dirt

In addition to the regular sweeping part of your routine, you’ll want to do a deeper clean with a product that’s specially formulated for hardwood floors. Depending on the type of finish you have, some solutions will be recommended while others will be entirely inappropriate and may even damage your flooring. Check with your flooring installation experts at Chestnut flooring to ensure you know what to use. We recommend damp mopping after sweeping at least once a month to protect the finish and ensure you’re removing all the dust and dirt.

Recommended Cleansing Agents

Find Your Finish

Engineered or Laminate

A damp mop with water can be used, but ensure that the mop is well-wrung, not sopping wet. Wax or “mop and shine” products are not recommended because they can leave a filmy buildup.


Wax-sealed floors need the same type of care as engineered or laminate wood in addition to periodic buffing to maintain their shine. This type of finish is more common in older homes, and the lustre will fade over several months so wax finish may need to be stripped and reapplied once or twice per year.


Urethane is a modern sealant that is easier to maintain. It is much more resistant to scratches, so vacuums and pets are less likely to cause damage with this option. Dry mops are better than damp mops for this finish, and waxing agents should be avoided. This durable coating can wear out eventually, and if this does happen, you can use a restoring product to revitalize your floor. As you can tell, it’s important to understand what’s required for proper maintenance to prolong the life and beauty of your floor. You can ask the expert who is installing your hardwood flooring in Toronto what cleaning agents and techniques they recommend and follow their advice for the best results.

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