Most Common Questions Asked About Installation of A Hardwood Floor in Toronto

Plenty of people find that their work isn’t finished after they’ve decided to install beautiful, solid hardwood flooring in a Toronto home.

Chestnut Flooring can help put your mind at ease.

Installation Process

When is the most convenient time to plan your installation?

During the installation process, you’ll find that it can be a little noisy. Unless you arrange otherwise with the crew, all plank cutting must be done in the area of installation. You may select a day or two when you’re not expecting visitors or entertaining. Having small children and pets out of the house is more convenient as well. Children and pets are intrinsically fascinated by the activity surrounding the installation process and must be kept safely away from the workspace. Toronto Hardwood Flooring installation will vary depending on the size of your space and prep of the subfloor so be sure to ask your installation team for a project completion estimate that will help you plan.

What are some positive things I can expect during my install?

When choosing experienced professionals from Chestnut Flooring in Toronto, hardwood goes in correctly and flawlessly. They respect your living space and your time, taking great care with clean up. Our professionals have plenty of experience working efficiently and with minimal mess or inconvenience to the homeowner. You can relax, leave the house and let someone else handle the tricky work of putting your new floors in. Choosing to install your floors during a quiet and colder month of the year will ensure that boards aren’t swollen or warped at all, and installation is smooth. Though it can be tempting to DIY just about any home project these days, we highly recommend that an investment like real wood floors be left to the specialists, ensuring fast, headache-free work and maintaining the integrity of your product warranty.

Choosing Professionals

Warmth And Elegance

What are some things I can expect once the floor is finished?

You can expect warmth and elegance that will continue to bring value and beauty to your home for generations. Few materials offer the instant, enchanting luxury look that hardwood will give you. Your floors will be easy to keep clean and care for, using manufacturer recommended products for the maintenance of luminous shine, and spot cleaning any spills as needed. You should plan to lay some rugs or floor runners in high traffic areas, places where shoes are kept, and where pets run in and out as their nails may affect the surface. You can expect this natural, organic product to be safe and clean for your air, warm and inviting for your feet. Over long periods of time, some hardwood floors begin to show signs of scuffing and busy foot traffic or furniture marks may leave marks. When you’re ready for rejuvenation of your floors years down the line, investing in a professional refinishing will bring them back to freshly-installed glory. To learn more about the installation process and benefits of solid hardwood, contact Chestnut Flooring today or come in to see our luxurious showroom. We look forward to meeting you.

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