Is Hardwood Flooring in Toronto Good For The Kitchen?

Of all the rooms in your home, why does the kitchen receive the least luxurious treatment? Hardwood flooring in Toronto homes can suit more rooms than you think. For many people, the area where all family members gather to prepare food, eat and talk is a popular spot. We spend plenty of time in our kitchens, so the choice of flooring should be one that is functional, but beautiful and inviting too.

A Good Choice

Hardwood flooring in Toronto- a good choice for the kitchen too

Your selection of flooring material for each room will likely be influenced by how much abuse you expect it to take. After all, kitchens are known to be a gathering place where foot traffic, dragging chairs and dropped food are typical. Because of this room’s particular needs, you may think that only laminate and vinyl floor options are practical. No one wants to spend a considerable investment on solid hardwood only to see it damaged. If you have an open floor design in your home leading from dining area to kitchen and living room, a consistent floor material carried throughout is desirable. You can use solid or engineered wood to cover all the adjoining spaces. Today’s engineered options have the look and feel of solid wood with damage-resistant surfaces, so they are a popular kitchen choice. They are made with crossed layers of pressure and heat-treated wood material and resin, so they’re resistant to impact or warping over time. Some hardwood flooring is also suitable for high traffic zones due to its natural strength. We recommend selecting a hardwood species with a high rank on the Janka Hardness Scale. Maple, Oak and Hickory are a few of the densest and resilient domestic hardwood species.

You can keep floors looking good with texture and finish selection

Hand scraped, and wire brushed floors provide a distressed, rustic and worn look which is very fashionable. The added benefit of choosing a highly textured finish is that it will help disguise minor dents and scratches over time. You can select pre-finished hardwood which has been pre-treated and finished with rich texture and a durable protective coating.

Textured Finish


Maintenance of hardwood flooring in Toronto kitchens

After installing real, solid wood floors in your kitchen, you’ll want to protect them and lock in their beauty for decades to come. Maintenance may not be as complicated as you think. Start with ensuring that you wipe up any liquid spills immediately. Allowing water to pool on the floor means it can soak in and jeopardize the seams and structure. When you mop, only a damp mop should be used so that no excess moisture can wick down into the wood. If your floors are well-sealed, moisture should bead on the surface. Most days, sweeping and spot cleaning with a damp cloth provide all the cleansing you need. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if you develop a stuck on or stained problem. We welcome you to visit Chestnut Flooring where our experts can guide you in your home design project for the kitchen or any room.

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