How To Stop Pets From Scratching Your Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Anything that consistently scratches at floors is detrimental for hardwood.

In Toronto, flooring can be protected in some easy, effective ways which means the value and beauty of your investment can last for generations. Do you need to decide between pets and luxurious flooring material? Certainly not. Here’s how you can have the pets you love, without damaging hardwood.

Place Runners And Rugs

Toronto hardwood flooring was meant to be seen and appreciated

You don’t need to cover up a lot of your floor- after all. Most homeowners can identify their high traffic areas, however. These include foyers, hallways,and mudrooms. What spot in the house has a lot of shoes and feet on it daily? At which door does your dog go out and come in? In those places, a door mat and floor runners will prevent the most significant damage from occurring. Everybody’s pet has its habits and behaviors. As you know where the pet traffic is highest, you can place runners there. They are relatively low cost, can be washed and will protect the wood underneath.

Keep Your Toronto Hardwood Flooring Waxed

A cat’s claws retract and don’t tend to scratch on surfaces as they walk but a dog’s nails can often be heard clicking along on a hardwood floor if they grow too long. It’s advisable that you not only trim regularly but file the nails too so there are no sharp, scratchy edges. Many people don’t feel comfortable handling this job on their own,but a pet groomer can help and is a worthwhile invesment. Another handy trick for dog nails is application of nail coverings. There are a few kinds,and they essentially clip over the nail, creating a smooth surface that can’t scratch. You can talk to your groomer about putting them on for you. Waxed solid wood floors look beautiful,and this type of product helps to keep the floor clean-looking and shiny. The wax builds up a coating over the wood which repels dirt, spills,and dust, but also protects somewhat from rough nails. One interesting benefit of a waxed floor is that it can offer some extra traction for your dog which keeps them safer and helps discourage them from digging nails in deeper.

Trim Nails

Clean Up Messes Right Away

Daily Prevention

This can be tricky when there’s a puppy in the house, but watery urine will soak into floors quickly and cause damage. Hardwood readily absorbs moisture which can warp and change it. To reduce lingering odours and the need for aggressive cleaning, don’t give pee any time to soak in to your Hardwood flooring. If raising a young pet who has frequent accidents, it will be worthwhile to place puppy pads or even additional rugs and runners which can be removed and washed, rather than sacrifice the floor. You don’t need to choose between beautiful floors and pets, but you do need to make some choices about daily prevention.

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