Here are Three Great Reasons Why Your Carpet Should be Replaced with Vaughan Hardwood Flooring

Are you undertaking a big home renovation and have been considering switching from carpet to Vaughan hardwood flooring?

Then think no more and simply lose the carpet! While carpet has been an old-time favourite for many homeowners, there are many disadvantages to having carpet in the home. On the other hand, hardwood floors offer much more benefits and are a more long-lasting, worthy investment for your home. If you are still not convinced to switch over to hardwood flooring, read on to discover the three great reasons why you should replace your carpet with Vaughan hardwood flooring.

Carpets Collect Dirt/Stains

Carpets Collect Dirt/Stains and Get Worn Over Time

If you have ever spilled anything on carpet, you are familiar with the messy process of cleaning it up. You have to first soak up the spill, pat it dry and then scrub your carpet or shampoo it. With spills that stain, such as wine or grease, this process gets even more bothersome. Furthermore, all the dirt and debris that gets collected in the carpet fibers build-up and necessitates an annual, professional deep clean that can result in high expenses. Without all this intensive care, your carpet can look utterly disgusting. On the contrary, Vaughan hardwood flooring is easy to maintain with weekly vacuuming and dust mopping. Little effort is required for beautiful and classy-looking floors in your homes. When cleaning your hardwood floors, we suggest the use if a soft floor-brush attachment or electric broom to avoid damaging the wood. When planning a deep clean, it is best to use a slightly dampened mop or sponge with a dilute wood cleaner, that is appropriate for hardwood, to remove all contaminants.

Furthermore, the build-up of particles and activity from everyday wear-and-tear can really break down the carpet and give it a worn appearance.

Traffic patterns form from years of foot activity and wrinkles can develop near these areas. Unfortunately, there is essentially nothing that we can do to fix it – the only solution is to replace the old carpet. With Vaughan hardwood floors, foot traffic can be endured well. The average wooden floors can last about a decade before it must undergo any intensive maintenance like professional cleaning or refinishing. In fact, hardwood floors can be refinished multiple times and its colour can be changed as well. Your Vaughan hardwood floors will never make your home look outdated, worn or old.

Carpet Gets Worn Over Time

Improve Your Health

Carpets Can Worsen Your Allergies

Carpets are one of the worst enemies of people with allergies because it easily attracts dust mites, pet dander and even mold spores in its fibers, which all contribute to irritating your immune system and causing allergic symptoms. Removing the carpet and installing hardwood flooring can result in an improvement of your health and allergies.

Hardwood floors can update your home

As mentioned earlier, carpet can make your home appear more worn and old. Vaughan hardwood floors are popular amongst homeowners because of their beauty, longevity, durability and versatility. Although initially pricy, hardwood floors have proven to be a worthwhile investment for the home. So let’s toss out that old carpet and transform your home with brand new, beautiful hardwood floors.

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