Harwood Flooring in Toronto: Trends in 2019

Floor design materials are more advanced than ever. Though you can find a product and style to match any project or budget, hardwood flooring in Toronto remains a leading choice. After all, with more wood species and finishes to choose from in 2019, the options from rustic to refined can add value and style to any room in the home. DIY enthusiasts and designers alike are excited about the new trends in hardwood.

Colour Options

Colour Choices

Gone are the days when slight variations of neutral brown were the only choice for all wood flooring. Contemporary hardwood floors can offer character and bold colour options to play up the design of each room. As the choices expand, people are selecting more dramatic wood species and stain finishes that are surprisingly vivid. Deep grey or black floors aren’t uncommon, especially paired with monochromatic white walls and details. Deep greens and blues are another elegantly whimsical and adventurous choice which can be played up or down depending on the rest of your décor. Popular trends include white wash, espresso, grey, and mixing colours with various planks within one floor.

Finishes are Limitless

An aesthetic choice, but also a practical one, the finish on your boards matters. You can purchase hardwood flooring in Toronto pre-finished or have it sealed and protected once installed in your home. Factors like sheen, light reflection, protection from nicks and scratches, and the appearance of weathering and wear can all be elected in a protective finish. It’s become more popular to use reclaimed hardwood planks from old salvaged buildings and barns. Those one-of-a-kind planks have a historical patina about them which is hard to duplicate and lends rich character to a space. If you don’t have access to real reclaimed boards, there’s now trendy wire brush and distressed finishing which can help create that look. One benefit of ultra-textured and rough finishes is that they hide scuffs and damage well. Previously common high-gloss floor varnishes aren’t as common today. Generally, satin or matte finishes have taken over and they’re more forgiving in terms of maintenance and hiding flaws. You can choose oil, or a factory sealed protective coating depending on your needs. Those who prefer the lowest maintenance possible, typically go for the sturdy, resilient pre-finished options.


Engineered Hardwoods

Engineered Hardwoods are More Popular Too

The closest thing to a solid hardwood floor is engineered. These planks are made from wood components with layers of plywood or wood chips compressed with resin. The core is a strong plastic or plywood piece and the very top layer consists of a thin slice of real solid wood. The design and fabrication of engineered wood planks has become so impressive that they are often chosen not just for the cost savings, but because they are a robust, durable product that looks as good as wood. Engineered boards are known to be strong. They are pressure and heat-treated so they hold up to abuse. They’ll be less prone to warping with heat or moisture as well. They don’t last as long as real, solid hardwood and over many decades of use, they can’t be refinished multiple times the way that hardwood flooring in Toronto can. If you’re considering an exciting new look for your home, nothing transforms a room quite like the warmth and style of wood floors. Whether engineered or solid, Chestnut Flooring carries the top brands and an extensive variety to help you make your choice.

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