Hardwood Flooring in Toronto: The Importance of Lengths

When it comes to the length of boards in hardwood flooring, size does matter!

The length of board greatly impacts the size and flow of a room. Short, odd-sized boards create a choppy and broken up appearance; not a look most Toronto hardwood flooring owners are aiming for. It’s recommended to run the lengths of wood from the front door to the back of the house, not unlike the design of a bowling alley. Even in the smallest of rooms, a longer board can create the illusion of depth and expand the perceived size of a room.


Toronto hardwood flooring quality- did you know?

In many cases, short boards have been cut from trees that are younger and therefore potentially softer. Further, some short boards have been cut around the defects of the tree from which they were harvested, again impacting their quality. Typically, longer boards will be derived from older trees and those that have little to no visible defects in their trunks. That indicates higher quality and provides an end product that will be far more stable and durable over the long term.

The longer the length, the easier to maintain

In Toronto, hardwood flooring owners have discovered that the more joints a plank length has, the greater potential for dirt, dust and moisture to accumulate. Over time, this will cause the joints to become discoloured and detract from the elegance and flow of the hardwood floor. In these cases, repairs are complicated and often call for a total flooring replacement. When longer lengths are used, this problem can almost be eliminated.

The scale of floorboards creates a stunning aesthetic

With wider and longer plank lengths, there is much more room (literally) to create dimension and flow. The eye is naturally drawn to the intricate designs and grain of the species of wood that a longer board enhances. Additionally, a lengthier board creates an open-air atmosphere, and wider planks can provide a more rustic appearance; both of which are aesthetically pleasing. As a result, hardwood customers can keep the focus on the beauty of wood rather than drawing the eye to seams and breaks.

Stunning Aesthetic

Different Floorboards

What’s the difference between floorboards that are fixed or random length?

Fixed length flooring is standard for many wood floor products including some hardwood and engineered flooring. With fixed-length, the boards are generally offered in 2-3 standard lengths. As the product suggests, the final result is that you end up with uniformity, lacking any random patterning. This can appear so predictable and uniform that it’s not desirable for designers. Random length flooring is a little bit like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get, and that’s part of the fun. Experimenting with random length floor produces a more attractive, creative appearance, and for hardwood flooring customers, this is often important. Whether engineered or solid hardwood, the goal is to create a space that reflects one’s personality and character. Contact the experts at Chestnut Flooring for design advice, or come into our expansive showroom and see all the beautiful options that await you.

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