Hardwood Flooring in Toronto Has Never Looked More Stylish

Hardwood will never fall out of fashion and it’s amazing how a material with such a long pedigree can continue to amaze and stay at the top of the game.

Hardwood flooring in Toronto has enjoyed a boost in popularity thanks in no small part to the refinement of styles and material. This allows hardwood floors to give the same, durable beauty the material is known for while still delivering modern sensibilities and tastes. Here’s just a look at what hardwood has been offering Toronto homeowners.

Reclaimed Wood

Types of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood comes from older buildings, usually barns. It is a form of recycling that delivers a unique, rustic appeal. In Toronto, hardwood flooring made from reclaimed wood stands out as a testament to a rugged history that distinguishes itself from more typical, sleeker looks. Every plank has its own history, appearance, and story that combine to offer a unique look. Reclaimed wood has several different types but typically comes in oak, chestnut, hickory, pine, or poplar. You can also find pine, elm, ash, and cypress, but these are not as common. This variety means it’s easy to find the type of wood you love while still staying green.

An eco-friendly option

Cork is another stylish star and, like reclaimed wood, is also an eco-friendly option. Cork is harvested from living trees and does not require logging to produce. There are also strict rules in place to ensure harvesting cork doesn’t cause long term damage to the tree. Floors made from cork are smooth and come in soft, light tones that help make a room feel larger and more open and welcoming. It doesn’t hurt that cork is also handy for anyone interested in a retro look. Since cork is a flexible, springy material, it offers a level of comfort not normally found in other types of wood. This makes cork an ideal choice for households with children or elders.


Engineered Hardwood

Enjoying the beauty and luxury

Engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto has been on the rise since it allows homeowners to enjoy the beauty and luxury of hardwood floors without some of the traditional downsides. Engineered hardwood is less vulnerable to temperature and can resist moisture more easily than typical wood floors. While you still shouldn’t let water sit for long, engineered hardwood can be successfully used in basements and kitchens. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to give their home a consistent look. Engineered hardwood planks are also more durable in general, not just to water and weather. This allows floors to withstand weight and daily wear-and-tear much more effectively. Since it combines the visual appeal of traditional hardwood with better resilience and durability, it’s no surprise that engineered hardwood is in vogue.

Not just material

Hardwood flooring isn’t stylish just because wood is nice to look at. Everything from the finish to the shape of the planks offers an opportunity to express personal style and taste. Finishes can be used to make a floor stand out and make a bold statement, or let it be subdued and offer support to the rest of your interior design. Planks can be in traditional long rectangles, parquet squares, or other shapes to allow for the creation of unique geometric designs. Hardwood flooring will never go out of style because it offers homeowners so many ways to express themselves while consistently delivering timeless beauty.

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